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  • Avatar for Thonydef
    It won't be me this time!
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
  • Avatar for linglinqi
    cool terrific
  • Avatar for lily566
    luv the lyrics .. sultry voice
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
  • Avatar for el_chicha
    Wow... outstanding guitar and bass....
  • Avatar for el_chicha
  • Avatar for zeitinfarkt
    I like these two guys. This is a great dark beat dancefloor album. Hope they release more (and even better) stuff.
  • Avatar for valplayer
  • Avatar for KotowKat
    very cure[2] but still, amazing <3
  • Avatar for tangy_
    very cure...
  • Avatar for silvercell2
    Nice sound ! resemblance of The Cure[2]
  • Avatar for cbadell
    Nice sound ! resemblance of The Cure
  • Avatar for camouflage1963
    great song
  • Avatar for RedjMusic
    so good.
  • Avatar for musicloverrqe
    I quietly meltdown and consent to you, if only just to bawl. A lyric I am all too familiar with.
  • Avatar for McGovernsMaster
    wow: what a song.
  • Avatar for Nolovelost10
    Favorite song, great album
  • Avatar for tsmermaid
    One of my fave bands So chill
  • Avatar for rvillalo1709
    skinnydrifter is right, i thought of david bowie singing this too...
  • Avatar for el_chicha
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    First time hearing it? You must listen to it from start to finish.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Hope you'll look up Clan of Xymox [2]
  • Avatar for MantaWave
    Hope you'll look up Clan of Xymox
  • Avatar for InfernoDaRKNESS
    Damm.. My Favorite Song. I hate the Fact that I Haven't been Able to See Them In Concert!!..>:0..
  • Avatar for candi_is_dandi
    one of my favorite bands!
  • Avatar for jafara
    ''well, someone must get hurt and it won't be me''
  • Avatar for Matvejs
    not bad
  • Avatar for Clare89
    i feel guilty somehow for not hearing of them b4, but i think ive made up for it with like 4 plays an hour lol. great track x
  • Avatar for gatadelafuente
    This might be my favorite by them so far.
  • Avatar for ochikawok
    could sound like many, but no other makes sense like them
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    I hear much more Sisters of Mercy on their second album, [album artist=she wants revenge]this is forever[/album]. :)
  • Avatar for bloodybess11
  • Avatar for DeeViant1
    okay, having listened to a bowie track recently in someones library, i do hear it very faintly. but not enough. bauhaus, and the early sisters of mercy. yes. " someone one must get hurt and it won't be me. "
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
  • Avatar for gaspero1
    I don't hear Bowie in the sound of his voice, but maybe a bit in the phrasing of the vocals. I do hear a lot of Joy Division and Bauhaus, and just a bit of the Cure and Sisters of Mercy as well.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    While there is a lot of David Bowie in the vocals... any amount of it can be attributed to [artist]Bauhaus[/artist], of course ;) Their cover of Ziggy Stardust was a great Bowie cover too.
  • Avatar for DeeViant1
    Funny. I don't hear the Bowie connection in his voice at all. love the title...someone must get hurt. yeah, someone usually does. been there before. " I can't fix you and you don't want me. Someone is going to get hurt and won't be me! "
  • Avatar for MsFranx66
    His voice is so like David Bowie's
  • Avatar for inshed
    luvely jubbley
  • Avatar for dark_wave
    [url=]Someone Must Get Hurt (And It Won't Be Me)[/url]
  • Avatar for niaher
    This is something new. Nice.
  • Avatar for ejnark
    I love this.
  • Avatar for tina777
    digging his voice~
  • Avatar for Human-Spacevolt
    like the sound
  • Avatar for hoisted
  • Avatar for danibrown
    Why remember this song to David Bowie????
  • Avatar for danibrown
    favorite, favorite... inevitably...
  • Avatar for sh_wants_rvng
    A Gothic Magic Carpet Ride
  • Avatar for Simonious
    Pretty awesome.


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