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  • 1-4
  • It has aged well, still think best album
  • It's like a soundtrack for suicide... [2] Growing more depressing ...and deeper with each song. Beautiful<3
  • Soooo great……
  • Quite possibly one of my favorite albums :)
  • Written in Blood & True Romance <3
  • I love how this album changes its mood. In the beginning it's sad and dark, but not that "serious". But with every song it seems to get more depressing and in the end I always feel like being caught in deep desperation. It's like a soundtrack for suicide... :o
  • Incredibly good! *-*
  • парни, действительно......... офигенно!!!!!!!!
  • Makes me feel naughty and wanna do bad things
  • New Wave of Goth, child.
  • Guitars make it goth rock, Synths and Electro makes it darkwave.
  • This Is Forever
  • godlike !
  • This guy knows what he's talking about. I completely agree Ztephphe.
  • To me, on the first album, their influences stole the spotlight from them. On this album however, it feels like a band that's slowly starting to stand on their own. And it makes me want to keep an eye on these guys. Now don't get me wrong, the first album was decent, enjoyable, nostalgia-rock. But nothing really stood out about it. This album however, does, right from the get go. Now don't get me wrong again: The influences here are also apparent. HOWEVER, and I can only speak for myself, it doesn't feel like they get drowned by their influences here as much as they did on their first album.
  • The lyrical content seems better on the first album, but this stands out as an album to me, not just leftover tracks - and I prefer it. That opener should set the [tag]huge[/tag] gap in sound between the two allbums - I think you listeners are not paying close enough attention because critics/the media have said again and again and over again what to expect: which becomes hard to ignore.
  • It may be flawless, but also bland. I absolutely loved their first album, this one feels like a compilation of leftover tracks. That's what I meant with uninspired.
  • "...But pretty good and entertaining" - Yes, that's what matters - Also, the formula seems "unoriginal" because it's flawless. When you mix gothic rock with electronics (specifically synthpop) you get one hell of a sound, that few can do correctly
  • An unoriginal, uninspired copy of an album that wasn't that original to start with (but pretty good and entertaining at least). It's a shame.
  • [artist]The Frozen Autumn[/artist] and [artist]Clan of Xymox[/artist] extend on this sound, check them out! You need to hear them (not just one song, a few songs from different albums) in order to understand the music She Wants Revenge makes.
  • h.
  • the sisters of mercy copy/paste :)
  • joy division copy/paste.. :(
  • when i heard she wants revenge the first time i was very impressed. this music just touchs me, it makes me feel that i still life. WOW ! " Still it's hard to say goodbye, But it's even worse to live a lie... " from Walking Away
  • Underrated.
  • everythng from depech mode to joy divison to siouxie and the banshees can be heard here! much more of an " album "than the first one which seemed to drag on and on. I do love the first album too, but this is far more developed! a good listen
  • i like it! takes a while to get into but there's some amazing songs on this album of their's
  • interesting i should listen to this
  • muy buen disco el 1,pero este es casi una copia del anterior,se lo podrian haber currado un poco mas!
  • perfect.
  • good album!
  • This album by moonlight is heaven
  • Nice to see this album here at last. First time I've seen the cover, that's goddamn cheap radio PR for you
  • I don't like (all) this album 'til now.
  • I really like this album. [artist]New Order[/artist] and [artist]The Sisters of Mercy[/artist] really come through.

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