• Percussion Gun

    Gen 25 2010, 19:10 di fm014

    Hey there,

    I didn't want to use another Owl City track as title... so I chose the last one I was listening to. Actually I never heard from the White Rabbits, but that song was recommended on a Review website. I think it's worth a try. ^^

    Although I'd like to call this a Music Monday, I also have to admit that it's a bit unfortunate that the cover image is again late. So I probably will do a "(part 2)" post... again :-P
    But anyway... here are the new stats:

    Most played artists:

    > Owl City : Is it any wonder? I'd say no. I guess I can consider myself kind of addicted to his tunes.

    > John Mayer : Hm... another familiar name here. I still have to take a look at the lyrics of the Battle Studies tracks... :-/ But the more mellow songs are always welcome when I need to calm down.

    > Michael Nyman : That's the composer of the score for the film "The Piano" as you may know. And although some melodies were often re-used the soundtrack is beautiful. …
  • Fireflies

    Gen 11 2010, 23:08 di fm014

    Hello again... 2010,

    :-D having a new system running I felt starting with a... I wanted to say joke... but it's actually a rhyme - but funny though. ^^
    So that's probably the big news of last week - the new computer. Apart from that I also took some time to listen to albums or songs that I didn't give much attention before.

    Like last week there's no cover image to add at this time - so I just go on with the stats.

    Most played artists:

    > Hans Zimmer : Well, I read or wrote something. And so I chose score music. This led to the OST of "The Holiday", a Nancy Meyer film (with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) which I happened to see some days ago. The score features some lighthearted tunes that you can just play in the background.

    > John Mayer : For testing the newly installed foobar2000 media player this singer was one of my first choices. You can't go wrong with some hours of fine guitar pop music as JM can present.

  • Favorite Albums of 2009 Part 2.

    Gen 9 2010, 6:06 di tylerc904

    6. She Wolf
    I've never been a huge Shakira fan, and I only own Laundry Service (which I overplayed for 2 years straight). But this album is just addictive. It's short but its packed with all different sounds and each track is individually good. Also since the album is so diverse, I can listen all the way through and several times in a row - which I can't for most albums. Best tracks: She Wolf (one of the best songs of 2009 in my opinion), Men in This Town, Spy (featuring Wyclef Jean), Give It Up to Me. Worst: Good Stuff (it was hard to choose because no song on this album deserves the title, but I guess this one is the least amazing.

    7. For Your Entertainment
    I never thought I would like this album, ever. But after reading GaGa & P!nk's tracks were included - I had to listen. And I was shocked to find that the album is amazing. It's so synthy and very produced, but his voice is still something else. Although the wailing can be annoying at times, he sounds pretty great on every track. …
  • Dibder's Music Picks Of 2009 / CD 4

    Dic 18 2009, 13:47 di CvaldaVessalis

    I do spoil you, don't I? As 2009 fast approaches its God-forsaken end (sweet relief!!), so does my Best of 2009 CD compilation; those who had the misfortune to read earlier journal entries of mine (thanks, you sorry mad cave of bats!) will notice every three months I've published a CD-sized track list featuring the best music of the mentioned period! Below are the songs of choice for October-December... If anyone wants a copy of any of these CDs, be sure to give me a buzz and I'll see what I can do... ;^) Be sure to check back tomorrow though, as nominations will be announced alongside my Top 100-51 albums of the year thus far... It's gonna be a looooonnng day...

    Dibder's New Music Of 2009: CD 4/4
    01. Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down by Alicia Keys
    Taken from the album The Element of Freedom
    02. Men in This Town by Shakira
    Taken from the album She Wolf
    03. Fire Bomb by Rihanna
    Taken from the album Rated R
    04. Marie Cherie by Annie
    Taken from the album Don't Stop
    05. A Little Bit More by Tim Exile
  • Топ 20 (10 ноября - 17 ноября 2009)

    Nov 11 2009, 8:35 di SunRay1991

    01. (+1) 6 Shakira - Did It Again
    02. (-1) 3 OneRepublic - All the Right Moves
    03. (+1) 6 Shakira - Men in This Town
    04. (-1) 12 Serebro - Сладко
    05. (+1) 2 Cobra Starship – Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)
    06. (-1) 14 Shakira - Loba
    07. (N) 1 Booty Luv - Say it
    08. (N) 1 David Guetta – Without You (Feat. Rosie Rogers)
    09. (-1) 5 Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls (Feat. Dragonette)
    10. (N) 1 Antoine Clamaran – When The Sun Goes Down
    11. (N) 1 Shakira – Give It Up To Me (feat. Lil Wayne & Timbaland)
    12. (+1) 4 KIT-I – Осень
    13. (-6) 4 DJ Antoine - One Day, One Night (Feat. Mish)
    14. (-5) 2 Armin van Buuren – In & Out Of Love (feat. Sharon den Adel)
    15. (N) 1 Edward Maya – This is My Life
    16. (-4) 4 Ocean Drive feat. DJ Oriska – Some People
    17. (N) 1 Pixie Lott – Mama Do (Linus Loves radio edit)
    18. (-7) 15 Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor
    19. (-9) 15 Edward Maya - Stereo love
    20. (-4) 15 Flipsyde - When It Was Good
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 10

    Ott 29 2009, 13:15 di CvaldaVessalis

    I could go into a lot of blather about how much shit has gone down this month, but I think there's a certain YouTube clip that pretty much sums it all up:

    And with that, here's my October journal...

    Love 2 by Air
    Billed as a return to the lo-fi swoonisms of their debut full-length release, 1998’s Moon Safari, Air’s sixth studio album is also the first to have been recorded and produced at their self-built recording facility; and unfortunately that would appear to be where the only vestiges of novelty lie on this release. For ambient, loungified Europop, it ticks all of the boxes, even if most of the tracks here err on the slightly more boring and pedestrian side of elegant levity (hear Be a Bee, which manages to sound like an Air track with none of the warmth or humour prevalent in their earlier work). There are times when the album passes for something more interesting, most arguably on seven-minute centrepiece Tropical Disease which features some nice arpeggios, jazzy horns and chirpy woodwinds…
  • Shakira: She Wolf

    Ott 21 2009, 13:11 di realSandy

    Shakira's new Album She Wolf

    My Fave Tracks are:

    Spy (featuring Wyclef Jean)

    Mon Amour Great Lyrics!

    Men in This Town


    I also like

  • Топ 20 (20 октября - 27 октября 2009)

    Ott 20 2009, 15:44 di SunRay1991

    01. (+1) 9 Serebro - Сладко (Pop Edit)
    02. (-1) 3 Shakira - Men in This Town
    03. (+1) 3 Shakira - Did It Again
    04. (-1) 11 Shakira - Loba
    05. (0) 3 Agnes - Release me
    06. (N) 1 Ocean Drive feat. DJ Oriska – Some People
    07. (0) 4 Muse - Undisclosed desires
    08. (N) 1 DJ Antoine - One day, one night (Feat. Mish)
    09. (-1) 2 Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls (Feat. Dragonette)
    10. (-4) 12 Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor
    11. (-1) 12 Edward Maya - Stereo love
    12. (N) 1 Tiësto – Feel It In My Bones
    13. (N) 1 Parov Stelar – Coco (Feat. Lilja Bloom)
    14. (-5) 3 Via Sirius - Дыши Глубже
    15. (0) 12 Flipsyde - When it was good
    16. (-4) 5 Tiësto - Who wants to be alone
    17. (-3) 5 Nelly Furtado - Mas
    18. (+2) 19 Sasha Dith - I love dance
    19. (-6) 6 Nelly Furtado - Silencio
    20. (N) 1 Китай - Осень
    11. Play & Win - I feel high (WIC - 5, Peak - 4)
    16. Play & Win - Stay with me (WIC - 4, Peak - 8)
    17. Akcent - That's My name (WIC - 6, Peak - 6) - AC
  • Shakira y yo

    Ott 14 2009, 20:05 di VirginioUrbina

    Todo empezó cuando yo era un puberto molesto e ingenuo y me creía grande porque ya escuchaba la radio (aunque mis gustos musicales entonces no estaban ni siquiera cerca de definirse). Por ese entonces, a punto de entrar a la secundaria (es decir, de 12 años), sentí unas ansias tremendas por experimentar de una vez por todas el amor así que decidí enamorarme de una niña con la que jugaba durante el curso de verano de computación; ella, por supuesto, jamás se volvió a acordar de mí. Fue entonces que descubrí a esta colombiana llamada Shakira, cuando, con el radio en mi cuarto, escuché por primera vez . Desde entonces comenzó esta tortuosa historia que ha contradecido mi inclinación por la música no-comercial y mis inevitables genes gay que, por algún motivo, me hicieron elegir a Shakira como la única popera de la que he comprado discos.

    Dónde están los ladrones Me dejó un buen sabor de boca, con tintes de rock y letras ricas en metáforas, música creativa, en fin…
  • Топ 20 (13 октября - 20 октября 2009)

    Ott 13 2009, 13:02 di SunRay1991

    01. (+4) 2 Shakira - Men in This Town
    02. (-1) 8 Serebro - Сладко (Pop Edit)
    03. (-1) 10 Shakira - Loba
    04. (+2) 2 Shakira - Did It Again
    05. (+2) 2 Agnes - Release me
    06. (-2) 11 Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor
    07. (+2) 3 Muse - Undisclosed desires
    08. (N) 1 Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls (Feat. Dragonette)
    09. (-6) 2 Via Sirius - Дыши Глубже
    10. (-2) 11 Edward Maya - Stereo love
    11. (-1) 5 Play & Win - I feel high
    12. (0) 4 Tiesto - Who wants to be alone
    13. (+1) 5 Nelly Furtado - Silencio
    14. (-3) 4 Nelly Furtado - Mas
    15. (+4) 11 Flipsyde - When it was good
    16. (-1) 4 Play & Win - Stay with me
    17. (-4) 6 Akcent - That's my name
    18. (-1) 7 Shakira - Don't bother
    19. (-1) 7 Shakira - Las de la intuicion
    20. (0) 18 Sasha Dith - I love dance
    16. Muse - Uprising (WIC - 2, Peak - 12)

    CW - current week (текущая неделя)
    CH - change (изменение)
    WIC - weeks in chart (недель в чарте)