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There is more than one artist with this name: an act formed in London, UK in 1995, and a heavy metal band formed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1996.

1.) Shakhan is an act formed in London, UK in 1995. The line up consisted of Davyd Homan and Shoshanah Homan. The founder and mainstay of Shakhan is Davyd Homan who is from New Zealand.

Shakhan released their debut album The System in 2004, a collection of protest songs. This met with some reaction to its lyrical content. In 2005 Shakhan (Davyd Homan) moved to Australia where he chiselled away at recording technique and writing new material. The result of this was a double release in 2011 of The System (remix) a remastered re-release with acoustic versions added of Religion (acoustic) and Silent Screams (acoustic). 3 new songs were added. The album Forgotten Tree a collection of 18 tracks shows the same focus on lyrical tightness and has a mixture of band and acoustic tracks. Shakhan's recent return to his native New Zealand has launched a new phase in his music.

Tracks available for free download:
touch base
I protest about love (remix)
Who can tame the tongue?


2.) Shakhan is a heavy metal band formed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1996. Performing regularly since 1997, Shakhan have played a slew of gigs ranging from The Smokefree Rockquest (Regional Finalists in 1997), The Battle of the Bands, Eruption 01 and numerous nights around town at Indigo, Valve and The James Cabaret.

Six years in the making, Shakhan released their debut EP 'In The Zone' in November 2002. The lineup: Peter Elliott (drums), Paul McLaren (guitar), Steve Goodfellow (bass), Rhys Williams (rhythm guitar), Martyn Gadd (vocals).

After splitting up in 2005, they reformed with Zaire Kesha of The Red Carpet Murder on vocals and played a few gigs in 2006. Most recently they reformed again in 2010 with Michael Taylor of Wellington band Product on vocals.

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