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  • love shack(leton)
  • Check out which of his releases made the Best of 2014 list https://optimisticunderground.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/the-best-music-of-2014/
  • Had an opportunity to exchange emails with Sam. We talked about composition, live sound, etc. Really nice guy who genuinely cares about his music and what you are hearing. A lot of heart in his music.
  • Love the new release. There's a particularly satisfying section at around 4 mins in Beat His Command that feels like a descent into some strange twisted underworld. Can't wait to hear more!
  • we need a new album.
  • Nobody commenting on the new release? I mean, it's no revolution from FOT but it's damn fine! I need more!
  • Ganda Rising
  • Xhi
    frisch und geil
  • Yeah, I noticed that too. A nice touch.
  • About half way through Silver Keys there is some pretty deep sub. Nice how it is a thing rather than the thing.
  • Very good producer kurňa. [3]
  • Very good producer kurde. [2]
  • Freezing Opening Thawing is addictive.
  • New ep is so good, cant wait to see him live.
  • Freezing Opening Thawing is fucking phenomenal. [2]
  • He seems to have distanced himself to a degree from the many artists that are using really deep bass.
  • Sure, there's bass but as you said not so much subbass. Still pretty unique release.
  • Uh, the bass is there if you've got the speakers/headphones.. he hasn't been into the super deep low end for a while now, excepting the Drawbar Organ EPs, and that still wasn't like the era before. Freezing Opening Thawing is fucking phenomenal. I just hit repeat the second it ends.
  • But with the lack of his deep bass.
  • shackleton picking up right where he left off w/ freezing opening thawing
  • Shackleton is the shit! Can't stop listening to this guy's music.
  • Very good producer kurde.
  • "They don't have money"
  • If you are looking for something similar to the The Drawbar Organ EPs, check out the 2005 album from [artist]Korai Öröm[/artist] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwRDqy54gbc.
  • Someone please tell me where I can buy his music.
  • One of the best producers going hands down. No one else does it like this guy
  • Afrostep
  • darker visions & experiences
  • who can complain of living in Amsterdam.
  • Shackleton was in fine form yesterday evening at Rewire Festival in The Hague; a mighty set for an appreciative audience.
  • PHOTOS FROM UNSOUND 2012 http://lomek.ownlog.com/83177,kategoria.html
  • What a fantastic producer. And a great label owner.
  • Music for the quiet hour, is quite an hour. The bass perfectionist is still there. Respect to the man.
  • http://www.mixcloud.com/mastakaspa/
  • Good tunes.
  • @chewtoy fuck. Why didn't I know about this.
  • Sometimes I feel ashamed to live in Amsterdam. Shackleton did an excellent set tonight but only 25 people bothered to show up. =/
  • Shackleton is playing @ Shambala the happy clappers festival this W/E.Don`t worry tho` it`s sold out.
  • so gooooooood.
  • All discussions below this line are now ended because they suck =================================
  • [artist]Shackleton[/artist] will perform a 75 minute live show on Nov 3 at [event=3285256]REWIRE Festival 2012[/event]
  • Ah that weedy little Ableton kick... So maldeveloped and naïve... Like a child's drawing sitting amongst the work of a great artist.
  • I think you just have to listen closely. The cd came with no lyric sheet or anything.
  • his saying in music for quiet hour [2]
  • this is a band with stock sounds, you dumbfuck
  • where i can find what his saying in music for quiet hour?
  • its not his fault he was raised by bananas!
  • lol way to fly off the handle, bananas!
  • Get your information straight mister.
  • This is one man, not a band, you dumb fuck.


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