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  • Avatar for DouglasAWh
    Would love to get you on my podcast ( for an interview some time. Let me know!
  • Avatar for vbrummond
    \m/ Rock on Severed Fifth. Free metal ftw. I am kind of biased being as I write the news. =D
  • Avatar for emilogoej
    Discoverede this a couple of hours ago :D Haven't been listening to anything else :D AWESOME!
  • Avatar for RustyBlood
  • Avatar for Zenithuk
    What a kick ass second album, it absolutely fucking rocks, congratulations on the release!
  • Avatar for jaredvolkl
    The album is out and it rocks!
  • Avatar for jaaamesmartin
    Here I am thinking Jono Bacon is just this awesome Ubuntu guy who is very passionate about free software, and all the while he's been doing things like this as well. This makes me wonder, what else are the people I admire doing that I'm not yet aware of?
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    Just to let you all know, the second part of the Severed Fifth project begins on Monday with the new website launch. Go and follow us on Twitter at to keep up date with the latest news!
  • Avatar for cepitsakitjiwa
    like this songs....
  • Avatar for DrScummm
    The songs are pretty great, but the production is goddamn horrible
  • Avatar for wyrless2002
    Severed Fifth: Live In The Studio @ USTREAM: Tune in to watch the second Severed Fifth album as it is written, recorded and produced...
  • Avatar for gerberad
    Damn this shit is good. Still listening. It's great to have on while working. It's got a bounce and crunch that keeps you excited while writing code.
  • Avatar for Schauzeit
    Sounds different.It's not a bad sign though.
  • Avatar for matthijs--
    I like it
  • Avatar for gerberad
    When you released 'Denied By Reign', a friend asked if I only liked the album because you're so involved with open source awesomeness (BTW: I miss LUG Radio). I didn't know at the time. But 9 months later, I'm still really digging it. It turns out, I really liked the album. Cheers.
  • Avatar for tverdohleb
    Pretty decent.
  • Avatar for _MMA_
    Metal up your arse!!! \m/
  • Avatar for aalanc87
    Nad Bad..
  • Avatar for Gotkath
    Nice album \,,/
  • Avatar for _Shihan_
    666 słuchaczy
  • Avatar for Carmigeddon
    The official download page
  • Avatar for tazmescalin
    nice album, nice license .. thanks for this.
  • Avatar for Zenithuk
    Just listening for the first time, impressive stuff! I will definitely help with the street team if I can, great project. :)
  • Avatar for R0_R0
    nice ... free metal r00l3z!!!
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    Hi folks, thanks for the kind words - but you know what? We *really* need your help - come and join the Severed Fifth Street Team - A few examples of Street Team work: :)
  • Avatar for jazi
    Awesome album. Thanks for giving it away for free :)
  • Avatar for decembersoul
    cool stuff. I like it
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    Thanks everyone! Oh, and just for the record, the drums were not programmed, they are electric drums but played live. :)
  • Avatar for sai23
    Congratulations for the album Jono! Big deal making an album by oneself. Decent sound, even for a programmed drumset. Next time, consider using a bit of "community contribution" :D
  • Avatar for igorgue
    this is really brutal stuff!
  • Avatar for angeltronix
    Awesome Cool stuff man!! I'm just blowing up my neighbor's ceiling right now... and grandma... well, she's about to get me out of the house :D Btw, is there a Frets on Fire release for the album?, if you want I can make some of the song for it... This album really kick ass Jono! you rulezzz man... so keep it up with the project dude, best wishes from Nicaragua! Ubuntu RuleZzzz!! yeahh!! \m/
  • Avatar for J450nJ
    Awesome Jono! next stop, take over the world...
  • Avatar for mortigoth GREAT!!!! my poor-poor neighbours :D
  • Avatar for GKRAUS
    wow...that's fucking amazing
  • Avatar for BackwardsDown
    Congratulations for this sweet album!
  • Avatar for deejay1
    jono - great, thanks! Although Enslaved by Pain seems to be missing...
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    cmarqu - nice! :)
  • Avatar for cmarqu
    Vote at and Also note that relations to Seraphidian etc. are still missing.
  • Avatar for nullspace
  • Avatar for Maupertus
    Yeah downloaded the album....great stuff. I'm spreading the word as we speak ;)
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    deejay1 - yeah, I did upload it but something went wrong, will upload again. :)
  • Avatar for deejay1
    I hope it will soon land on's radio!
  • Avatar for darkliquid
    Sweet album. I really enjoyed The Lake and Edge of Design particularly.
  • Avatar for jonobacon
    Denied By Reign is out! Woo! :)

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