• the music i've been making

    16 Apr 2007, 02:16 by sender02

    between november and march, i wrote and recorded an album at home in my free time. i'm finally done and content with the finished product, and i'd like to get it out into the world past the little bubble of people that i see regularly. i figured the hastings group on this lovely music-spreading website was a good place to start.

    i made a myspace for this little project, so you can go hear low-quality versions of 4 of my songs on there - www.myspace.com/severalgirlsgaloremusic.
    if you've taken the time to read this, listened to the songs on myspace, and you'd like a copy of the full album (13 songs), let me know and we'll figure out how i can get one to you in a timely fashion.

    hope you enjoy

    Several Girls Galore