• LEAVES' EYES & Kamelot @ProgPower USA, Sept. 10, 2010

    6 Oct 2010, 21:02 by nDroae

    Fri 10 Sep – ProgPower XI USA

    Believe it or not, after four years on last.fm this is my first concert review ever (aside from this which doesn't count). And I'm doing it os_teriyaki style which means MASSIVE TL;DR ABOUT EVERYTHING except I'm kicking it to the NEXT LEVEL because I'm also chronicling the EPIC AND RATHER EVENTFUL JOURNEY or at least what I still remember of it as this was over two weeks ago -_- (EDIT now almost a month ago cuz this took [album artist=theater of tragedy] to write)

    To preface, I'm not really a fan of power metal or progressive music; I haven't bothered to listen to much of either but my current impression of power metal is "sometimes fun but often boring" and my impression of progressive music is "sometimes amazing, often boring, sometimes annoying," and definitely requires a time commitment to appreciate that I'm usually unwilling to give. (Check out my Dream Theater plays... how are they even in my library? I must have fallen asleep with last. …