• THE BLUE WALL: Doom Metal

    25 Dec 2008, 20:51 by maidenhell

    My Doom Radio

    Revelling in tension, despair, and dread, Doom Metal prizes atmosphere more than many of Metals other primary subgenres. Doom uses plodding tempos, repeated chords, and thick, distorted, down-tuned guitars to attempt to envelope the listener in a wash of desperate foreboding that can commonly last to the ten minute mark and beyond. Instruments generally keep to the standard guitar, bass, and drums, but it is not unusual to add keyboard passages and backdrops.

    Doom vocals can be in any of the predominant Metal styles, but all share a determined attempt to invoke emotional hopelessness and mental anguish. This is further amplified by the lyrical themes of grief, depression, fear, resentment, and suffering that are hallmarks of the style.

    The roots of Doom Metal are considered to have been planted in the early 70s work of Black Sabbath. In the early and mid-80s, European artists like Witchfinder General and Candlemass adopted the Doom sound as a full fledged genre unto itself…