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  • Avatar for mc666
    Michelle, come back....
  • Avatar for xxweirdwonderxx
  • Avatar for octobermoon29
    Screams from the Deep!!! so good mn!!!
  • Avatar for majeczkaa-
    Male vocals > female vocals. [2]
  • Avatar for mr_lazarus
    Male vocals > female vocals.
  • Avatar for xplosivemetal
    SERPENTCULT Interview with Frederic Caure
  • Avatar for xplosivemetal
    Raised By WOlves CD Review
  • Avatar for TheDemonCleaner
    As much as I enjoyed the female vocals, the new stuff is absolutely beastly. Love it (2) uuuuh yeaaah
  • Avatar for bbbbrrppsssv
    As much as I enjoyed the female vocals, the new stuff is absolutely beastly. Love it.
  • Avatar for Davincimans
  • Avatar for Willothius
    Well.. almost sounds like a different band w/ the new vocals, but VERY nice! Great album!
  • Avatar for Tranos_Nihil
    very very excellent :D
  • Avatar for o0nefertem0o
    'Raised by Wolves' it such a kick-ass album!!! =)))
  • Avatar for metaltm-Malte
    Review: "Raised by Wolves" -->
  • Avatar for alexi1000
    Weight of light is great! :-D
  • Avatar for faithlessss
    great band, heavy fuzz + hypnotic female vocals is great [2]
  • Avatar for Nenetl
    This is a very interesant band. I really love the vocal style of Michelle.. between heavy-punk or something like that. :)
  • Avatar for MemphisdEAd
    Michelle is cool!
  • Avatar for InnerAsylum
    digging this guys big time
  • Avatar for zootex
    great band, heavy fuzz + hypnotic female vocals is great
  • Avatar for evildeadjedi
    Crushing cover of Uriah Heep's Rainbow Demon I'm going to have to listen to more of their stuff.
  • Avatar for JenLawliet
    Michelle has left? This can not be! :(
  • Avatar for sacredserenity
    Really liked their sound upon first listen.
  • Avatar for marcin2x4
    Does anyone of you guys has lyrics for Seprentcult's trax?
  • Avatar for rs0d
  • Avatar for manasu
    Nice riffs.
  • Avatar for redanimalwar
    i could not find lyrics anywhere down with the new world order ! !
  • Avatar for npcza
    pretty cool on first listen. not sure if the vocals will hold up to repeated listening, but we will see
  • Avatar for zootex
    crushing riffs too
  • Avatar for zootex
    cool vocals, nice for a change, didn't expect them at all
  • Avatar for rockwell42
    Great performance at the "days of doom" in Dortmund. Michelle rocks!
  • Avatar for Andr3ground
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    You may like [artist]Subrosa[/artist]
  • Avatar for absent_friend
  • Avatar for BeyondTheHorror
    Sweet band!
  • Avatar for SpaceBee
  • Avatar for Kebab_Holokaust
    Didn't expect that, really cool :)
  • Avatar for SimonMagnus
    yeah just got this album and it rocks
  • Avatar for DistortedGround
    Awesome band.
  • Avatar for o0nefertem0o
    Put your volume LOUD!! And doom away with Serpentcult!! DAMN!! What a fantastic band!! ♥
  • Avatar for IevokenI
    Good stuff!
  • Avatar for ThroneofM
    I love this band!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for missionair
    This joke ain't no funny, I know, sorry
  • Avatar for missionair
    Their label should advertise them with "The Girl Instead Of A Pedophile. Heavy Metal Instead Of The Sludge" slogan.
  • Avatar for Aetheraeon
    With their lives they had to paaahaaay. Ooohh yeeaaaahhh. *clunkity-clunk-clunk bass*
  • Avatar for ghoultown
    I¨m listening themthe first time and they're awsome. Especially Templar:))
  • Avatar for Ponciac
    It's 'SerpentCult', with a capital 'C' - if you don't believe me.
  • Avatar for twic
    Red Dawn is pure awesome.
  • Avatar for Mannaz230
    If anyone wants to buy the Trident Nor Fire 10" send me a pm.
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    Another great female vocals for doom :)


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