• New Sero.Overdose "Album Heading For Tomorrow" Out Early January

    18 Dec 2006, 08:41 by dthprod

    (this is just copy/paste)
    18 months after the release of their successful "No Time For Silence" album, our Berlin invaders do it again and return with a 3rd album which could not have been more aptly titled ... "Heading For Tomorrow" features Sero.Overdose's signature sound characterised by catchy alluring male vocals, highly melodic lines and modern beats, it also reveals a more frontal approach perfectly illustrated by their new club hits "Fire", “Tears in Rain” and "Wut". We will also underline some modern allusions on tunes like "your Road" or "We" which are quite comparable to the style of the German hit machines DJ Tomcraft and Westbam.

    Struggling between and , Andre Hartung sings about lost passions and longing for better days. His sensual voice once again benefits from Mike Johnson's top-notch production skills who brilliantly manages to combine ear-catching clear minimal melodies with SERO.