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  • Avatar for DrRgne
    YEAH! Got tickets for his show in cologne!! amazing
  • Avatar for amrhassan
    wow this song is only on but it doesn't allow download. i downloaded the mp3 from elsewhere.. it's awesome.. so unique..
  • Avatar for kowalla
    it's all soad goodness compressed in one person :D can't wait for the gig in dublin!!
  • Avatar for humar
    love this song^^ im so glad serj went solo^^
  • Avatar for Max1616
    awesome !! :P
  • Avatar for DOCTORANGELO
  • Avatar for Vockoo
    Serj is GOD :-P
  • Avatar for R0QUER
  • Avatar for Yumatira
    I love this Song :D Well, I Liked Empty Walls more, but this song is great :D
  • Avatar for Mooo6no
    Great song!
  • Avatar for arm3nia
  • Avatar for pu_lina
    Great song... Serj rocks!
  • Avatar for marxasyxx
    Incredible...I don't know how Serj does it...
  • Avatar for RazoredPixie
    Serj has a beautiful voice, solo or not. I love the the depth and political messages as always.
  • Avatar for CountZdenek
    very similar to certain things SOAD used to produce on the last albums ... not extraordinary, but far from umbearable too. it's okay (too much choirs, though) in my opinion ...
  • Avatar for Mindo91
    It's so good :)
  • Avatar for Lothnik
    awesome song. serj is a genius.
  • Avatar for Wazzo_
    Ooooh this song is just so... so perfect. Serj has done it once again. Perfection.


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