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-The idea behind Seremedy was created in late [yearformed]2008[/yearformed] by RAY and JENZiiH; but it took one year until the band got it's final line-up.+The idea behind Seremedy was created in late [yearformed]2008[/yearformed] in [placeformed]Sundsvall, Sweden[/placeformed],
 +by RAY and JENZiiH; but it took one year until the band got it's final line-up.
-In december 2009 the line-up was complete.+Seremedy is a band, not wanting to be tied to a specific genre,
-[bandmember from=2009]SEIKE[/bandmember] on vocals, [bandmember from=2009]YOHIO[/bandmember] and [bandmember from=2008]RAY[/bandmember] on guitar, [bandmember from=2008]JENZiiH[/bandmember] on bass and [bandmember from=2009]LINDER[/bandmember] on drums.+so they have developed a two-sided view on the world.
-Established in the town of [placeformed]Sundsvall, Sweden[/placeformed] but with SEIKE living in Stockholm,+One side of Seremedy is heavy and dark, agressive yet melodic.
-Seremedy started out as a rock/metal band.Melodious guitar parts and clean vocals were created alongside chaos and pounding drums, as the band started experimenting with music.+The other side is more cheerful and happy, as a counter-part.
 +Since the start of Seremedy they have gained an ever growing number of fans from all around the world.
 +Only 6 months after the formation they played their first show outside of Sweden,
 +and they also got be in CURE Magazine, one of Japan's biggest Visual kei magazines.
 +Seremedy is a monster, growing for each day.
 +◆ [bandmember from=2009]SEIKE[/bandmember] - vocals
 +◆ [bandmember from=2009]YOHIO[/bandmember] - guitar
 +◆ [bandmember from=2008]RAY[/bandmember] - guitar
 +◆ [bandmember from=2008]JENZiiH[/bandmember] - bass
 +◆ [bandmember from=2009]LINDER[/bandmember] - drums
 +◆ NEW AGE COLLECTIONS VOL. 3 (compilation album - 2010.07.21)
 +◆ "Upcoming EP" (EP 2010.xx.xx)
Myspace page: [officialsite][url][/url][/officialsite] Myspace page: [officialsite][url][/url][/officialsite]

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Seremedy was a band formed in January 2010 in Sundsvall, Sweden. They were signed to Ninetone Records/Universal Music. The idea of the band came in late 2008 in by RAY and JENZiiH, but it took one year until the band established its final line-up. SEIKE - vocals YOHIO - guitar RAY - guitar JENZiiH - bass LINDER - drums Only six months after their formation Seremedy had their first international show in Moscow and the band was featured on the Cure Magazine compilation album NEW AGE COLLECTIONS VOL. 3, released in Japan. Seremedy released their first single Bulletproof Roulette as a download single worldwide in March 11, 2011, and it reached the top 10 on Swedish iTunes. The EP Seasons will change was released in April 13 and in April 22 Seremedy had their first Japan tour. They toured Japan again in October and played at V-Rock Festival and also had their first One man show. In the beginning of 2012 Seremedy started the official recordings of their first album Welcome to our MADNESS. It was released on July 25 in Japan and August 8 in Sweden. In April 2013 the band announced that they have decided to disband. The band announced a last one man farewell show in 2014 and also a last single along whith a last EP. The show took place at Arenan Fryshuset September 20 and the EP re:MADNESS was sold the same day. Discography: 2010.07.21 NEW AGE COLLECTIONS VOL. 3 (compilation album) 2011.03.11 Bulletproof Roulette (1st single) 2011.04.13 Seasons will change (1st EP) 2011.06.03 Bulletproof Roulette (Japanese Version) 2012.07.18 NO ESCAPE (2nd single) 2012.07.25 Welcome to our MADNESS (1st album) 2014.09.15 DIVERGE (3rd single) 2014.09.20 re:MADNESS (2nd EP) Links: