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  • Lot's of people elsewhere on the internet complain about the changed style on the newest album...I think it is pretty interesting to hear something so different, yet still undeniably Septic Mind. Will have to listen to the album more for sure.
  • "Slave" is different, but really good. I approve of the changes in sound.
  • new one is really nice! Genozid kills
  • All of their recordings are fucking awesome . Too bad we couldn't hear more from them...
  • It really is a shame that they have split up .
  • Hey look, there's an easier to remember link for their Facebook page now. The page is infact fan run but the members of the band are friends of the page, so I guess that makes it semi-official heh. http://www.facebook.com/SepticMind
  • "The Beginning" and "The True Call" are both amazing albums . This is some impressive stuff .
  • Review "The True Call" (5/10) --> http://www.metal.tm/review/septic_mind_the_true_call_1149.html
  • "The Beginning" is a really fantastic album . Some of my favorite Funeral Doom I've heard in recent times !
  • Весьма!
  • "The True Call" is absolutely astonishing....the prior album was already a masterpiece, but with the newest effort they have definitely evolved and expanded. This band is a force to be reckoned with within the genre as a whole. Something truly special
  • these russian guys are incredibly talented, I am speechless by the beauty of their last album. amazing.
  • Thanks for the link. Their new album is haunting, best time to listen to this band, at night:)
  • отличный дум! хорошие ребята, жалко не было на Wings of Doom! в Касте... реквием любви просто шедевр
  • their sound is amazing. a great example of the russian funeral doom scene's versatility
  • excellent band, once again russian funeral doom rules
  • ну на вкус и цвет)))) надеюсь в следующем альбоме не будет космических экспериментов )) и композиции будут укладываться хотяб минут в 10
  • и ничего не затянуто, а в меру выдержано! и поэтому в кайф)
  • а прослушиваний чтот ваще фонарь,)) но вот последний альбом мне не понравился,все уж черезчур затянуто даже для фьюнерала,вот "Скорбь" классный албум
  • Grinmind!
  • Amazing band.
  • omg nice
  • вауч, как круто
  • good!
  • The more I listen to them the more I like them. Nice job.

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