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Sephiroth is a name shared by many artists: 1) Tribal ambient project of Ulf Söderberg; 2) Dutch death metal band (now known as Sepiroth); 3) US black/death metal band; 4) Italian rock band; 5) UK drum and bass project; 6) UK death metal band from Windsor, England.

1) Sephiroth is the brainchild of Ulf Söderberg, two albums have been released under this name, "Cathedron" (1999) and "Draconian Poetry" (2005), both on Swedish label Cold Meat Industry.
He has also released three albums under his own name: "Nattljus", "Tidvatten" and "Vindarnas Hus". These albums are in some ways comparable to Sephiroth stylistically, but one has to bear in mind that they were composed as companions to visual media in museums and art galleries.

2) Sephiroth is a Dutch band whom changed their name recently to Sepiroth.

3) Sephiroth was an American black metal band, formed in 1992, they released two demos on Pagan Records before breaking up.

4) Sephiroth was an Italian rock band, formed in 2001. They released two EPs ("Malkuth EP" and "Wide, Shine! EP") before splitting up in 2004.

5) Sephiroth is a UK project. Official Myspace: http://myspace.com/sephirothdnb

6) Sephiroth is a death metal band from Windsor, UK who play a blend of furious death metal and slamming breakdowns. opened for bands such as Postmortem Promises and Matyr Defiled. For a free download of thier 6 track EP "Exiled" go to: http://soundcloud.com/sephirothdm/sets

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