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There are six artists using this name:

1) Sentinel is an Indie-​dream-​pop three piece based the Bay Area of Northern California. The seeds of this sunny-​seasid​e-drea​m-pop began with chance encounter between Tarabud (vocal​s/bass​), Dennis Bestafka (guitars), and Bill Mowery (drums) in San Francisco.

Sentinel's sound echoes influences of their mutual visions of 80's synth and 90's dream pop. Bands like Cocteau Twins, Smiths, U2, My Bloody Valentine, Cure, Flock Of Seagulls. and Ocean Blue have provided consistent inspir​ation, creating a long catalog of moods & textures to draw from while developing their sound.

Albums released
Sentinel (self titled) - 2004
The Singles - 2005
Sequels & Hunches E.P. - 2007
Kites Without Strings - 2008
For Days Deep -2010
Jet Black Single - 2010
Dark End Single - 2011
Somewhere Else Single - 2012
Holiday Singles 2009-2013
Points of Light - 2015

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2) Sentinel is a an Indiana Metalcore band.

3) Sentinel is a hardcore Punk band from Yuba City, California.

4) Sentinel is a split-up melodic metal band from Aukra, Norway.
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5) Sentinel is a black metal band from France.

6) Sentinel is death/thrash metal band from Massachusetts - USA.

7) Sentinel is a production pseudonym for DnB producer, Photek a.k.a Rupert Parkes.


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