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  • Avatar for xhexis
    Still Life +1
  • Avatar for StructureChaos
    Still Life is awesome...
  • Avatar for Vesuvi
    Very nice
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    such a Bio, this guy is very talented and underrated!
  • Avatar for MinduLT
    the dream is great
  • Avatar for IdMod
    didn't like "Selected Movements" too much.
  • Avatar for Lovecraftia
    I really like this artist.. Is there a facebook page please anyone ?
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    indeed quality track, simple but awesome
  • Avatar for djgramm
    3 Songs :3 :3 :3
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    Selected Moments Volume 1 is awesome !
  • Avatar for velapene
    Always have time to listen to your tracks.
  • Avatar for Strawb77
    great stuff- thanx for free downloads!
  • Avatar for sense_amr
    Thanks and respect to all those here who have listened to my music and continue to do so. I appreciate it a lot.
  • Avatar for Psilocybee
  • Avatar for entidadnocturna
    El Album de Sense - Madness (2002) es excelente, traten de conseguirlo!!!
  • Avatar for entidadnocturna
    Ojo hay otra Banda tambien llamada Sense : Sense - Madness (2002) Artist: Sense Album: Madness Country: Canada Genre: Crossover Prog, Progressive Rock Year: 2002 Time: 53:17 Tracklist: 1. We Are Living Here (3:57) 2. Madness (3:57) 3. Be the One (4:13) 4. Desperate (7:33) 5. You and I (13:53) 6. The Fire Burns (7:24) 7. I Was There (8:57) 8. Hidden Track (3:23) Sense - Out of Range (2004) Sense - Going Home (2007) ProgArchives Espero alguien sepa agregar esta info de una forma mas apropiada, pues trate en sugerir una correccion , pero creo que no supe.
  • Avatar for square_m
    Day Off is probably his best track, though not very popular here
  • Avatar for Clawed6
    I agree! live in melbourne set is incredible
  • Avatar for johnbeak
    yo adam!!!
  • Avatar for Derail6782
    Does anyone know what the first track off his live in Melbourne set is from? Absolutely incredible.
  • Avatar for DarkKnight1190
    Hint, the 2007 album "Going Home" is a Canadien Prog Rock band formed by Stéphane Desbiens ( The D Project) in 2001.
  • Avatar for jcotteri
  • Avatar for JohnnyLotion
    Everyone won in the Waffles dispute. I noticed the freeleech, downloaded it, loved it, bought the album. Plus recommended it to heaps of people.
  • Avatar for Ivanski2
  • Avatar for Kryptan
  • Avatar for TTones
  • Avatar for subversiv
    the waffle hype works :-)
  • Avatar for kmt000
    One album is "free leech" at Maybe that...
  • Avatar for fake_plastic_
    wtf is up with waffles and this guy?
  • Avatar for hAkonf
  • Avatar for Gerard87
    Hey man! Great music and props for sharing it for free!
  • Avatar for kkkillerz
    Wowwww!!!! No comment... Hugs from Italy Max
  • Avatar for resery
    Lovely. I wish I had more Sense.
  • Avatar for Rec_Overflow
    delicatessen muzak ;) 1 love from MADRID rc
  • Avatar for Mark_H
    Also a Canadian Prog Rock band
  • Avatar for Derail6782
    Yes! Ex T Nerla is probably my favorite Sense track. I never get sick of it.
  • Avatar for flintxxx
    'coming home' moves me so much
  • Avatar for Faeerie
  • Avatar for mom4il
  • Avatar for TommyLove
    Good job. its one of my favorite :)
  • Avatar for audionova
    Glad to hear some new stuff from Sense... IDK is amazing...
  • Avatar for PolarisTwin
    ex t nerla is such an underrated track. definitely not enough listeners. if you're a fan and haven't heard it, check it out. It's off Learning to Be
  • Avatar for mildsparrow
    Gee - your only 26 Domagio!!! - who would have guessed!!!
  • Avatar for hopeinproles
    reminds me of old global communication/jedi knights! which is a good thing!
  • Avatar for maxmario
    world relax sssss
  • Avatar for Extrafolor
    all of you should check his split along with Phonex. Phonex is amazing as well as Sense. I highly recommend you to check this ( ) out
  • Avatar for Luna-de-Rio
    you look like brad pit in his Babel ensemble :-)
  • Avatar for Nosperator
    really cool!
  • Avatar for Xperimental
  • Avatar for jaydoh
    beauty is simplicity.


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