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In early 1992 four youngsters from Bandung, Indonesia decided to share their interest in Rock Music. Sendal Jepit Started as a tribute band for many well known punk bands and metal bands at that time. When Underground scene went big, Sendal Jepit mark their existence as a tribute band for Bad Religion. The Band decided to put their own Songs in to the scene and release 4 singles in 95.The single ‘Nina’ brought Sendal Jepit to a larger scale, and takes the band into so many shows in 94 until 95. In mid of 97 Sendal Jepit released their first self titled LP. With the success selling of their self titled LP Sendal Jepit stood their ground in the local scene, but unfortunately Maruli (guitar) had to left the bandto create their own projectsThe Marmars. After a few months sendal jepit decided to put adwin to fill Maruli’s position. Unfortunately Adwin had to put his job before the band and left Sendal Jepit with only 4 members. It was quite a depressing time for the band. The Band vanished from the scene for over a year,but manage their way to rise by releasing ‘Ini Bukan Album Baru’ EP in 2003. The Band decided to recruit Brew as their new guitar player in the band in early 2004. And their latest full length was released in end of 2004 with the title ‘Ini Bukan Album Metal’. Ramdhan left the band in 2005 and the band instantly recruit Ijanclose head. as their Drummer. Ijan managed to put a new soul to Sendal Jepit and take the band to more further exploration.
(William Rossdale.Sydney2006-Fans and friend)

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