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The band Self Destructive Mind formed in Fall 2009, when the sounds of A Dangerous Mind and Self Destructive Martyr joined forces. SDM started as a collaborative effort between the two bands which lead to a full merging due to life decisions and personal demons.

Self Destructive Mind is an alternative rock band, with distorted guitar driven melodies, acoustic ballads and introspective lyrics. SDM's music is felt and emotionally charged. Their blend of distortion, acoustics and ambient synth gives their music texture and depth. SDM draws their influences from bands like Staind, Stabbing Westward, Smashing Pumpkins, and Spineshank.

Formed by comparative new blood to the Fort Collins music scene, SDM in its current incarnation came to life in early 2010. After a first show as a four-piece, the band- then composed of vocalist Tucker Johnson, bassist and backing vocals Johnny Lambert, guitarist Grey Jones, and drummer Dustin "Matlock" Lind- quickly found and brought in guitarist The Steve in round out the band. Each of the respective band members have been in bands prior to SDM, and each bring a unique style and experience to the overall sound- this process can in part be to blame for their unique and constantly changing sound, best described by the band members themselves as "musical ADD." The members of SDM are not only friends but most were roommates at one time and their closeness lends them a natural ability to play together.

As of early 2011, Self Destructive Mind is currently finishing recording on their debut LP "It's not Me, It's You" and are plotting further plans for World Domination as we speak.

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