• First half of February, 2010

    16 Feb 2010, 01:45 by djgizmoe

    If you harken back to the Ultra Bide, Schulz and Vd event, you might remember that I was talking with some women outside at the CD table (one of them being a member of Sekiri (赤痢). Well, the other woman, Kyoko, ended up hooking up with me via Facebook, and we started talking about this rock bar in Kyoto that she said was sort of historically interesting (punk history, that is). Long story short, we agreed to meet and have a drink and chat, and she told me directions to her house, way on the other side of town. The way my schedule was, and the fact that I was going to be drinking, I had to bike across town, only about an hour I guess, which wouldn't have been that much of problem.

    Except for the fact that this was the ONE day this winter it fucking snowed. But I made it across town, parked at the train station, went to grad school, returned, and headed for her house. I got to her neighborhood a bit early, and with little money and snow falling, I decided to kill a bit of time in McDonald's. …
  • Ultra Jr. and pals at Kyoto Ooh La La

    1 Jul 2007, 14:26 by djgizmoe

    After four classes of grading mind-numbingly horrific presentations on cell phones, the Euro and "working holiday" visas, I was about ready to kill myself. Suddenly, during my second to last class, some IDIOT had the balls to call my cell in class. Turns out it was Hide (amazon saliva, Ultra Bide) asking me if I wanted to come hang with him at Ooh-La-La where he would be playing with his new band, ULTRA Jr. Although it was pushing my luck a bit with the wife, she didn't SEEM to mind (though the backlash was inevitable - and I don't want to talk about it...), so off I went to Saiin for the show on my bicycle. Stopping by IN, my now-favorite trashy streetside izakaya, I grabbed a quick deep-fried bite, before heading to the venue.

    Ooh-La-La is a killer place, sorta a hippie motif with scarfy fabrics drooping from the ceiling and lots of tables. Hide was at the CD table slumming with Zach, who'd I'd met when he opened for Doddodo awhile back; I dropped of a copy of my new…