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 +Formerly known as: [url=http://www.last.fm/music/LaME.]LaME.[/url]
Members: Members:
Ryan Scherschell: Drums Ryan Scherschell: Drums

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Formerly known as: LaME. Members: Ryan Scherschell: Drums Cameron Taylor: Vocals Taylor Walding: Guitar John Weiss: Bass Official Website Myspace After performing since 2002 under a different moniker (LaME.), Secret Of Boris has emerged with a uniquely heavy yet hauntingly beautiful electronic-infused hard-rock sound. In 2010, they released their full length studio album Your Ghost, produced by Harder Beat 2009 Producer of the Year, Alex Gerst (Seasons After, Fair To Midland, Slow Roosevelt). The album has been received with a ravenous response by critics and fans both old and new. “An infectious blend of catchy hooks, snappy rhythms and aggressive riffage… heavy music’s weighty crunch and even sugary 80’s pop,” says Jerry Rutherford of LIT Monthly. Jessica Harp of Pegasusnews.com proclaims, “These guys are making rock music…” Having gained a rabid following throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Secret Of Boris is currently touring surrounding cities and states throughout the southwest, increasing their army of loyal fans. According to singer Cameron Taylor, “When we play ‘metal fest’ type shows, we fit in just fine. However, when we go on, that’s when the girls show up, which is great. We don’t play easy-money sappy love songs. We’re playing heavy music, but with a huge focus on melody and emotion, and an occasional dance groove.” On their way to world domination, Secret Of Boris has shared the stage with Black Light Burns, Hed(pe), F5, Underoath, Ugly Mustard, Fair To Midland, Anberlin, God Forbid, Boondox, and Hopesfall.