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  • Loved these guys for a while now, but the Book of Angels album really has its hooks in me lately. Most of the Book of Angels series is of very high quality anyway, but SC3's contribution takes it up another notch or two. Great stuff.
  • @PetitSagittaire Source?
  • Норм.
  • Book of Souls: Folio B soon
  • I can't wait for July in NYC :D
  • The best live band around. [2] Once you see them live, you'll never forget.
  • Come To Argentina!
  • the best discovery of the year so far
  • Perichoresis sounded really weird to me at first. Half the tracks on it are some of my favourite SC3 tunes and I was so used to hearing the live versions of those songs that the studio versions just sound kinda weird (especially with the tabla). They've definitely grown on me, but I still don't quite enjoy them as much as the simpler live arrangements, which seem to have a lot more energy and punch... That said, the Chiefs are one of the best live bands around.
  • I'm actually obsessed with their music.
  • well now, what have we here?
  • One of the best bands in the world. Or several of the best bands in the world, depending on your perspective.
  • Digging Base Phive. The only track on the album that really strikes me as experimental. The rest strikes me as world music, more or less.
  • :O oh my god
  • Base Phive Futur-Cossacks is unbelievable
  • this...is mind blowing.
  • Xhi
    "perichoresis" sounds great, almost as good as the traditionalists album. "the 7" seems like a more complex "medieval": amazing!
  • wickedness
  • to hate this band is to hate life
  • The content of this shout is unavailable.
  • Fans of SC3 should take a listen at [url=http://www.lastfm.fr/music/Syzygys]Syzygys[/url]
  • God, I only discovered them and already addicted to their music, I think they should do more FORMS songs
  • Moshão na virada
  • I'll be seeing them tomorrow! YAY
  • October 2013, apparently. Oh wait...
  • so when are we getting a Folio B?
  • Personally I think Le chanson de jacky fits in nicely, but I've always had a problem with them doing the halloween theme.
  • Batty as fuck. Not bad.
  • Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of Souls: Folio A is an album densely-packed with musical skyscrapers, 13 tracks that combine Middle East atmosphere with other dell' Est Europe. -.-. om hari om ..... ॐะ
  • wow, you guys really do yr homework. it's a relief to hear a 2013 album that sounds musically relevant [2]
  • can't tell how meta
  • yep, La Chanson De Jacky lowers the global quality of the album
  • New album is great (as usual), but: Jacky? Don't get me wrong, it's a classic song, but I can't help feeling their version is a bit too 'straight'? Pretty much indistinguishable from Scott Walker's...
  • Trey Spruance talks Secret Chiefs 3 in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out here: www.rock-a-rolla.com
  • New album goes hard, best since BOH, (obviously)
  • it's just mixed so well.....
  • Come to Sacramento fuckers...
  • i love almost everything they do
  • wow, you guys really do yr homework. it's a relief to hear a 2013 album that sounds musically relevant
  • blah blah blah
  • actually fuck the little boys, this shit's cool. these songs grew organically over the course of many years, many musicians and many live performances. it's been cool hearing these songs grow, morph and transform. trey probably has some other philosophical bs behind it too, but w/e
  • oh and anyways, having listened through this a good few times, moreso than others (even though I probably do prefer other sc3 albums) this album reminds me of the general setup of a bungle album, but moreso an extension of the musical ideas on them. i can't wait to listen to this with some good headphones.
  • I ordered my copy off amazon since it was a reasonable price and not $40 (canadian shipping, although that's far more than anything i've ever purchased) like off WoM. anyhow, i've enjoyed the album even though it contains some tracks i've heard. take whatever you've got up your bum, sit down and relax and enjoy. should at least be ok. rip me the end
  • touché
  • Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini granted was a Traditionalists album, but it's all Trey anyway. I guess this is nitpicking, but that album do count as a proper album. I really love that album, and it just seems quit overlooked in general when talking about the Chiefs.
  • i meant a proper album. and those complaining don't seem to mention that these songs that have previously appeared did so in different arrangements. listen to this and tell me this is the same song that appears on Book of Souls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPWUrtuDau8 production is completely different, and the metallic aspects are not present in the 2007 version.
  • He released a soundtrack for a non-existing Giallo movie in 2009, an album with songs from Zorn's Masada song book in 2008, plus two Rairities/Compilation albums in between the Book Albums. There has been alot of proper material since Book of Horizons, just wanted to say that, almost everyone seems to be stuck on Book of Horizons.. I will listen to Book of Souls tonight and i can't imagine i will be let down in any way of form.
  • Xhi, is it impossible/unthinkable that those EPs were intended to be built up to this album? and not just 4 years in the making but more than 10. the EPs served as progress reports, i'm supposing. and, as sglandon said, the production here is clean, these are obviously the definitive versions.
  • having not followed their EPs, but waiting eagerly for an album proper of new material since Book of Horizons, i am not disappointed in this slightest. production is impeccable, headphones necessary, this is heaven to my ears. thank you Secret Chiefs 3.
  • I for one am very pleased with Folia A :D


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