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    3 Jul 2009, 11:02 by DonWasyl

  • Seen live: first half of the year 2007

    3 Jul 2007, 18:06 by Vami

    Here are the artists I have seen in 2007 so far. So, in the first half of the year.

    14th January 2007, XV Finał Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy starring many artists, but I saw these: Łąki łan, Wojciech Hoffmann & Coma

    Łąki łan did an OK comedy-rock show. Everyone could enjoy it. Wojciech Hoffmann is a guitar legend here, so no need to comment. Great job. Coma - well, next to Muchy they are the most hyped band around. And you know what? They suck twice as their Poznań-based friends. Muchy have melodies and catchy tunes, Coma is utter crap. I don't know whom they paid to get this far, but they don't deserve it at all. The most boring gig I've ever been to if you ask me. Coma = shit.

    4th February 2007, Krzak with a guest appearance of Krzysztof Ścierański

    Great gig, with additional amazing bass playing by The Guest. Highly recommended.

    24th February 2007, Rock Arena Poznań starring: Amaryllis, Muchy, Izrael, Myslovitz, TSA & Perfect