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  • Avatar for Cameron601
    they broke up!? NOOOO...
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    sad they broke up! I never get tired of "the fire..." what a lost T_T
  • Avatar for BoxofPandora
    that just sucks... hope they are gonna get at least some credit in the future and they don't indebted themselves so much..
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    Looks like they've disbanded...[URL=][/URL]
  • Avatar for abracadavers
    so addicted.
  • Avatar for madrid185
    they seem a bit underrated.
  • Avatar for yecktothemoon
    Flippin' sweet band! This is Your Captain Speaking is my favorite by them. So great.
  • Avatar for peroxideprinces
    amazing. pure amazing.
  • Avatar for cfretts
    You are today's featured musician on Audio Showcase (!
  • Avatar for kentin14
    horrible artist description [2]
  • Avatar for tombradybg
    Awesome band <3
  • Avatar for Namb
    horrible artist description
  • Avatar for Tressley
    These guys were sleeping on my iPod for like 6 months and I never gave them a listen. Now they are on repeat.
  • Avatar for -nDx-
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    Soooo close to my album of '08.
  • Avatar for zsoty27
    my favorite song is "The Rescue " :)
  • Avatar for xstarfakerx
    solid?? it`s awsome... one of the best CDs in 2008... and over half year since it`s release I can still listen to it all day long :)
  • Avatar for punkrockerzclub
    there good
  • Avatar for BoxofPandora
    This is just so nice, again and again, can't really be said often enough!
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    Best album of 08? I can't decide between this and Underoath...
  • Avatar for rellish
    I like this band!
  • Avatar for musicismyobsess
    it's good.
  • Avatar for bjth47
    amazing i need to see these guys live.
  • Avatar for uLance
    Very good. I approve!
  • Avatar for Lamaonfire
    This is where we COLLIDE!!! o_o
  • Avatar for diaboli6
    amazing music.
  • Avatar for Bleeding4Life
    clock and time peices is their best song ever. check it out
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    and [artist]Sleep for sleepers[/artist]
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    Check [artist]One Hot Minute[/artist]
  • Avatar for BoxofPandora
    I think even though they have similarities to a lot of bands, especially anberlin, there's something about them. Kinda like the energy. And the cheesy choruses *g*
  • Avatar for skyeatsurrplane
  • Avatar for Kimmyybee
    hmm.. there ok? ya just ok. son of a gun is good i guess
  • Avatar for atlanticepic
    search the city's my addiction, i wish to see them live. :)
  • Avatar for jchimienti
    seriously their chourus are so great
  • Avatar for ind1ekid
    Anberlin are on universal or something now anyway, even so... if i was gonna "copycat" a band anberlin are a pretty good act to follow! Not that id even compare anberlin to anyone but themselves theses days! Still... STC are amazing in their own ways!
  • Avatar for xletsbescenex
    fuck you, u know shit. people are only saying that cus their on the same label
  • Avatar for droolingburrito
    this band is an anberlin copycat to the extreme.
  • Avatar for xletsbescenex
    this band is amazing, love you guys!
  • Avatar for stardrops
    sweet. they're like anberlin, except i can stand his voice!
  • Avatar for noworldforeric
    I take that back, they may be better than Anberlin. SO DON'T MAKE A SOUND, DON'T MAKE A SOUND
  • Avatar for noworldforeric
    Third best band on Tooth and Nail.
  • Avatar for allonsdanser
    This is so so good.
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    Agreed. But STC are awesome.
  • Avatar for IPWNEDURMOM
    shit sucks
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    Check out Anberlin - great stuff. Search The City are quite similar to them.
  • Avatar for mookxi
    love em. Can anyone recommend other similar bands ? Would appreciate ^^
  • Avatar for charles1290
    i love this band, but the newer version of clocks and timepieces doesn't compare to the one on ghosts
  • Avatar for yalikescake
    great band. effing great band. every track is phenomenal.
  • Avatar for OnDistantShores
    I know you're sharp, but sharp just doesn't cut it any more.
  • Avatar for vamosrafael
    so damn catchy


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