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  • Avatar for miretucielo
    How is Reverie Lagoon not more popular? [2] wrong album names, im guessin
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    Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Avatar for u666ly
    la idea es ser mewithoutYou?
  • Avatar for NJeroen
    How is Reverie Lagoon not more popular?
  • Avatar for LiimpanH
    rockigegoere: I saw them autumn 2013, before Reverie Lagoon, and I remember thinking they were very very good. I've heard lots of people say lately that they suck live and it seems like it's the Reverie Lagoon songs that doesn't work good live? I've also heard more than once that Kyle has been drunk / stoned on stage which is pretty troubling in my opinion.
  • Avatar for nmh4evr
    this is so trite
  • Avatar for PistolPeteMatty
    Reverie Lagoon is one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2014 for me, it's so damn good. Much improved from Winter Forever.
  • Avatar for rockigegoere
    i really love their songs, especially their older stuff (ghost ep), but their new album is nice, too. i longed to see them live for 2 1/2 years and my wish came true this week.... BUT: they were terrible!! such a dissapointment. their singer was totally stoned, and so he had a dull, expressionless face what affected his voice, too. That made it really hard to really feel their music. i felt nothing the whole show through. they made a lot of pauses without talking to the audience, it felt awkward. it was painful to watch the show. very sad... i hope that was only an exception
  • Avatar for TwoHeadsOneBoy
    Seen them live. Bad performance.
  • Avatar for Anarki728
    Love it!
  • Avatar for pmdroks
    Reverie Lagoon my favorite 2014 album.
  • Avatar for Sexcakesss
    flesh <3
  • Avatar for Jay__1337
  • Avatar for BeezleBoob
    His voice is so great, lyrics are nice too.
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    Would like this band better with a different singer
  • Avatar for CaptainSodaPop
    Their songs make me feel great!
  • Avatar for lovelyfacehuger
    come to br
  • Avatar for jennaXbloodlust
    Reverie Lagoon is perfect. Start to finish. I will be falling asleep to this album for a while.
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    Reverie Lagoon is amazing but Winter Forever is still better
  • Avatar for cxqthere
    I just love them
  • Avatar for BTBAMowns111
    This new album is so intimate. It's like getting together with friends on a beach and some dudes start playing tunes at dusk.
  • Avatar for Burn_Infinite33
    FLESH is a banger!
  • Avatar for sansdasjupiten
    I discovered this band by hearing Ghost. Imagine my disappointment after hearing the entire EP.
  • Avatar for tcejosh
    I can with certainty say this is my aoty at this early point in the year.
  • Avatar for BrokenxStars
    Reverie Lagoon is undeniably a masterpiece, absolutely love the new direction they've taken - coming from a big fan of Winter Forever.
  • Avatar for annasageisaband
    looking for new music? Give us a try. Indianapolis emo music. Free download!
  • Avatar for VenomInMyVeins
    New album is slowly growing on me. Maybe I should give it a few more days since I just started listening to it yesterday. So far, Silhouette, On the Floor, and Love to Burn were the only ones that caught my ears. LOVE the melancholy aspect of this album though!
  • Avatar for tomova_NS
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Avatar for nostalgia-rush
    i dig the mellow sound, but i still feel Winter Forever more.
  • Avatar for LuuizOnFire
    Reverie Lagoon is perfect!
  • Avatar for CleanLungs
  • Avatar for TastyBrendenQ
  • Avatar for loxer
    Most of the stuff this band has put out in the past has left me pretty cold, but this new record is something special.
  • Avatar for CPwn
    pretty good. love to burn is fucking wonderful
  • Avatar for tcejosh
    it's 10/10 fuck reviews. This is a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for tcejosh
    Yep AOTY for me so far.
  • Avatar for tim_9
    best record of the year so far [2]
  • Avatar for neferaton
    I don't like the new record, like not at all :O
  • Avatar for GeloRamone
    best record of the year so far
  • Avatar for tcejosh
    well ain't it something when everything falls apart the ground you build upon the time ends if you fall it's slow emotion as I watch it from the hall i'll come undone it's the past that leaves you on the floor leaves you on the floor
  • Avatar for tcejosh
    Reverie Lagoon is so fucking good wow. I love Winter Forever but it blows it away.
  • Avatar for chris112
    reverie lagoon blows my mind
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Reverie Lagoon is great. First time listening to Seahaven. What have I been doing with my life [2]
  • Avatar for rustedembrace
    Reverie Lagoon is great. First time listening to Seahaven. What have I been doing with my life
  • Avatar for shreddz0r
    brilliant album been on repeat every day!
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw
    it is surprising how different this album is from anything they have done before.. i think this is going to be a great summer/road trip album.. it definitely draws you in.. still not sure how i would rate this album, need to give it a few more listens. good first impression though for sure. (i agree, they are boring live though..)
  • Avatar for xlarfleezex
    10/10 Reverie Lagoon <3
  • Avatar for pingpongrac
    Me Gusta Reviews:
  • Avatar for flori_hedig
    German review for the new album online at "Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only" gets 8 out of 10!


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