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  • The EE Mix is da bomb! Thank you for opening my ears for even more cutting-edge musiq ;-)
  • hard boiled is mad
  • Scuba - In the Mix for ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS // DOwnload the show @@@@ http://electronicexplorations.org/the-show/week-029-scuba/ featuring beats from Boxcutter / Ellen Allien / LFO vs FUSE / October & Search & Destroy :)
  • nice :)
  • haaaaaaaaaaa bought it .. 12"sound rulezzzzz
  • masterpiece
  • was "Mutual Antypathy" realeased on 12" ? by the way. big .
  • LIEBE !
  • 'a mutual antipathy' is a strange record that will take time to understand. there are some familiar components, but the outcome on the whole is yet to be identified.
  • possibly owns?
  • Scuba's my favourite dubstep artist. With the new album he finally made me saying this.
  • loving the new album
  • massive
  • LP just got added to beatport today. A bit pricey though!
  • can't wait for the LP, isn't on Beatport yet, shame..
  • true words.
  • The full length LP is fucking sublime.
  • Saw him at Void, Sydney. Massive.
  • tell her... oh my god. what a massive tune. love the piano, so unusual for a dubstep track!
  • listening to Out There now ... Wat a blast!! loving it!!
  • A Mutual Antipathy ?
  • yup, it IS king britt :D
  • SCUBA003 - kudos from here.
  • The picture is of King Britt.
  • I think the pic is the dubstep artiste
  • Don't know who the chap in the picture is, but he's not the Scuba who made the featured album


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