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  • Hmmm,
  • the man. way before kiss, kevin ayers etc. .
  • The TRUE farìther of horror rock :)
  • Smoke and Fire, monster shit guitar! Yeah!
  • This man reminded me that London's the place, and it's not too far.
  • jack the ripperrrr
  • Saw him with the Stray Cats about '81..great stuff
  • Love him,guess who gave me this Hat---god bless you and rest in peace
  • Smoke and fire!
  • Most of Led Zep I came from the Heavy Friends session
  • til' the following night is the best one
  • screamiing laaaawwwwd such
  • Father of horror rock! Lord forever!
  • The BBC called "hands of jack the ripper" one of the worst produced albums ever. But really if you like rockn'Roll, you must have it. As there are playing Keith Moon, Ritchie Blackmore the fastest Rockn'Roll ever. Ritchie Blackmore alwys says that he learned to play at this live gigs with Lord Sutch. Played his fingers bleeding-
  • L-O-N-D-O-N !
  • Brilliant.
  • Take a trip down into Pixies Palace Basement for a listen to basement/garage/psychedelic/electronic related material. [url=http://www.last.fm/listen/globaltags/Pixies%20Palace%20Basement]Link[/url] Clicking on the link will begin play, so finish up what you got going before heading down. Watch your head, and your step!
  • haha, just heard 'Jack The Ripper on horror rock tag radio. Good Shit!!! :D
  • Great selection of related artists, a great bit of new and old artists which are actually similar!
  • Still the best way to get his music is to buy a cd. Look on Amazon. Btw: New Pics online. You should vote!
  • Can anyone send me Screaming Lord Sutch albums on mp3? I can't find them anywhere. I could give an invite to a big closed mp3 torrent site for it.
  • Damn!!! love them!!!
  • only 19595 plays!?
  • oh man where in the hell can i get some of his music?
  • WOW, i just listened to him. Great music.
  • long live the monster raving looney party(!)
  • Too bad indeed, possibly the first shock rocker!

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