• Listen Dammit! I: Scott Walker – Tilt

    1 Oct 2010, 12:46 by mensenkinderen

    This entry original appeared on my weblog on Friday, October 1 2010

    Bloody hell… Just finished listening to “Tilt” by Scott Walker. I’ve had this album for ages, after a friend played me some tracks on his car radio, and attempted to listen to it several years ago with headphones on. This was a mistake. “Tilt” is one of the few albums that scared the shit out of me. The second track “The Cockfighter” starts very tranquil but features some extremely sudden noises, which start around 1.30. I first listened to the album in the middle of the night and I almost threw my headphones through the room.

    But when listening to the album again today and waiting in fearsome anticipation for the terror that is “The Cockfighter”, it didn’t scare me as much. Sure there are the sudden noises, but they didn’t put me off from listening to the remainder of the album.

    “Tilt” is a strange beast. Especially if you know the history of Scott Walker, who started out as the lead singer of The Walker Brothers and a pop idol in the sixties. …