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  • mcflyyoubojo


    June 2013
  • promisedeyes

    There's such a nefarious-like tone to this, sinister and triumphant while also so emotional :)

    July 2012
  • prominence_la

    My God, those crescendos. Timpanis ROCK.

    January 2012
  • captain_great

    Scott Walker is a bad-ass

    September 2011
  • dzoist

    unique, almost unclassifiable talent

    December 2010
  • LuigiRussolo

    love the organ melody in the verses

    October 2010
  • VelBG

    An early precursor of what would come. Great.

    January 2010
  • v11v11v

    Scott 1 was such an amazing solo debut. A man out of time, time out of mind.

    October 2008
  • akzuz

    so cute, so dramatic ulololo-love it....someone should stop birds from singing today(oh my God-I feel his pain)

    October 2008
  • yosefyah


    August 2008
  • pimlicoco

    Such a great song

    May 2008
  • polly_t

    I'm going to see Scott's, SW30, film, at Leeds on Saturday. Excited, isn't the word. :D

    June 2007