• Blast from the past: OTC @ 40Watt (2005/04/15)

    22 Feb 2010, 21:30 by jazzmoth

    03:06 pm 04/16/2005 - we feel okay - which is how we feel most of the time now (2010/02/22: copied & pasted from old LJ, edited for relevance)

    Olivia Tremor Control @ The 40Watt in Athens, GA, April 15th, 2005

    Its a dream.
    Athens is the perfect town.
    record shop 'round every corner. haha.
    40Watt is awesome - ME downstairs sized... just like of Montreal's bassist said...
    and speaking of the mysterious bassist:
    his recommendation of going to The Grit was fucking amazing.
    like the show.
    we saw John Fernandes (who is EVERYWHERE) eating a burrito
    we were first in line to go in.
    we were in the front/center of the stage.
    Elf Power fucking rocked
    otc was perfect. they sound AMAZING live.
    Grass Cannons = still one of my favorite songs...
    they ran off stage, Scott Spillane (with sousaphone) leads all the members of otc and elf power around the audience and back on stage for the intro to g.c.... not "brass cannons" although thats what the brass section calls themselves. …