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  • Night Work >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Somewhere ♥♥♥ >>>>> ALL.
  • crappy...
  • MINE
  • Now this is what I call a KIKI honey. I wanna flip this over and grill it up again, OK?
  • so damn good
  • My jams in this one: Baby come home, let's have a kiki, keep your shoes, somewhere, fuck yeah
  • Scissor Sisters = Magic Hour > Night Work = Ta-Dah
  • this album is a boring mess. the only song i enjoyed was "let's have a kiki"
  • <3
  • só only the horses q é +/- :S
  • very good album! [5]
  • Gays Hour <3
  • After fantastic albums like "Ta-Dah" and "Night Work," "Magic Hour" just kind of disappoints. It is not bad, just gives a whole lot of meh.
  • a perfect album to have a kiki, haha
  • Somewhere >>>>> ALL. ♥♥♥
  • very good album! [4]
  • very good album! [3]
  • Weak my ass, this album is made of win :D
  • very good album! [2]
  • Shady Love! yey
  • <3 Year Of Living Dangerously
  • very good album!
  • <33333
  • this album is the only weak from their catalog [2]
  • Especially 02:21 - 02:53 of "Somewhere" are amazingly melodic, but by the way this album is the only weak from their catalog
  • I'm going to stick with Night Work... sorry... For the most part, Magic Hour is just bland, bland, bland, same-y tracks. I love the band, but this is a miss.
  • In the "Magic Hour" has no sense of continuous celebration, but there is a good work, day work. I am again impressed.
  • Oh, come on. This is utter production driven crap. What happened Scissor Sisters? Where's your originality and guts? Justin Beiber is about the only person who might think this album is "awesome", him and the mindless, auto-tuned idiots who think by turning on a computer you're creating music.
  • Perfect!
  • Good album, the "extremes" are really great. I loved "Keep Your Shoes".
  • PERFECT!!!!
  • this album sounds exactly like a scissor sister album usually sounds. [2] that's why I love it
  • They've never disappointed me - another great addition to their catalogue!
  • My preferred tracks are definitely ‘somewhere’, ‘inevitable’ and ‘Baby come Home’
  • I'm sorry but (with the exception of Skin Tight) Night Work was a disaster...Magic Hour makes me feel like I've got my sisters back
  • I'm not disappointed either. It's a bit too schizophrenic at times, but it provides a lot of different tastes. The problem is I feel like I'm listening to a band that resembles the Scissor Sisters. I think the only two tracks that I'm clinging to are Baby Come Home and The Secret Life of Letters. Not my favorite, but definitely not disliked. Will probably revisit it later...
  • i love it !
  • Just listening now; it can only improve upon Night Work.
  • Not getting the disappointment. It's anything but bland…in fact I think it recaptures the fun of the first album amazingly well!
  • The Disappointment of the Year [2]
  • The Disappointment of the Year. ((((((((((((((((((((((((( After 3 incredible albums they released such a boring CD with bland melodies(((
  • Masterpiece. ♥♥♥
  • Apaixonado! So fucking good!!!
  • I am loving this album
  • Disapointed too :S
  • I kind of wanted a Night Work II. Disapointed.
  • yeah, this is giving me quite the mixed vibes. The highs are high enough, but jeee....


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