• Good bye, Moonbaby, what happened to you??

    21 Mar 2007, 08:07 by scientificfly

    Moonbaby has been among our first friends, and the only reason that you see no link is that she seems to have disappeared from last.fm: we’ve noted that when we missed her on our friend’s list and went to her page …
    Well, life is moving (in many ways), maybe s/he comes back, maybe under another name, but at least our best wishes.

    The last weeks we’ve not had much action going on.
    We invited no more friends, also we didn’t write anything
    – the reason was, of course, time!

    Surprisingly, the number of plays and listeners has increased nevertheless (Scientific Fly) to over 1000 plays and over 200 listeners.
    Maybe that’s due to our being tagged among the top-tracks in avant-garde (number 1 track in avant-garde: "talk"!!) and philosophy (the "philosophy charts") which may have given us some radio-play (by the way, if anyone has an easy source on how the stations are programmed on last.fm please drop us a hint).
  • Scientific Fly – As If: Hip-hop with substance!?

    26 Feb 2007, 10:57 by scientificfly

    Hello, everybody:
    We are the band Scientific Fly (and as the user scientificfly quite new here on last.fm).

    We’d like to ask you if you’d call our album As If hip-hop and even more: hip-hop with substance?

    To make everything more concrete we suggest that you might listen to:

    The album has been quite a challenging experiment for us:
    We took as the lyrics the paper "As If" by philosopher and artist Ranulph Glanville and tried to extract the vibes and the rhythm of it.

    It’s up to you if you think the experiment failed or was worthwhile.

    We’d be happy
    about comments – positive and negative, on the lyrics, on the music, on the conceptabout artists who are somehow similarabout recommendations what to doabout you becoming our friends here on last.fm so that we can communicate with you in future!
    PS: A warning (maybe) or a hint: among our other material only two have more hip-hop elements, but with completely different lyrics:
  • Why we look for friends ... or the question of spamming

    23 Feb 2007, 20:02 by scientificfly

    First of all, welcome + thanks to all our friends!
    (especially to Frad, Kikeo, JohanHill and sarahahah)
    - we are completely surprised about our arrival here on last.fm and we love it

    …and that would be reason enough to look for friends already…

    Three days ago cukieradorator (he allowed us to refer to him :-) ) brought up an important question in his shout: Are we spamming friendship requests?

    We’ve thought about that, too,
    and, with cukieradorator’s warning, we gave it some more thought:
    The short answer still is that we look for friends because we try to communicate our music and to get connected.
    And being friends gives us the chance to come back whenever we have something to say.

    Here’s some more, however.
    Several years ago we = Scientific Fly started to make music together. In the end we have shared a lot of time, thoughts and feelings (not to mention some money)-and we had a lot of unbelievable experiences and fun (listen to BONUS).
  • the first week: a start at last.fm

    19 Feb 2007, 12:21 by scientificfly

    Hello everybody,
    but especially our friends
    and those that have listened to our music!

    45 listeners may not sound much, but the majority of those would have never listened ...
    of course, some of you didn't like it
    - and we're happy if you tell us what you don't like,
    but some of you sent us very nice comments
    - thanks for the warm reception

    we will continue to explore last.fm and its possibilities and limits...
    and comment on our experiences her.

    Scientific Fly
    As If