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  1. 1. Kremlin is hardcore punks from Toronto

    2. Kremlin is a Political Punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia

    3. Stoner rock band from Finland. Four-seated…

  2. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  3. There is more than one artist called Slobs

    1. Slobs - A Canadian punk band whose demo was released as a 7" on Machette Records.

    2. Slobs - A…

  4. Pukeoid is a hardcore punk band from Indiana. Singing about deadly shit that make you want to vomit your lungs out.

  5. ghouly hardcore/punk from kansas city, mo
    members of dirty work

  6. Philadelphia hardcore featuring members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt. Demo released in 2011 and a self titled LP in 2012 on Residue…

  7. HC PUNK from Syracuse, NY

    2009 - 2012


  8. Fast, noisy, and angry hardcore hailing from KC, MO.

  9. With the force and voracity of a pack of rabid wolves set loose upon a herd of cattle, Austin, TX's WOMEN IN PRISON tighten up and rip your chest…

  10. Every bit as ugly and primitive as the neanderthal cover implies, Skrapyard plod through five tracks of gutter Oi that will make you question your…

  11. A pulverizing hardcore punk supergroup from Brooklyn, NY. Consisting of members from: Aerosols, Wasteland, Cancer Kids, Bucket Full Of Teeth,…

  12. Bay Area Hardcore Punk, Ex-Members of 86 Mentality and Streetwalkers.
    In-your-face hardcore with a garage punk twist like New Bomb Turks.

  13. Chaotic and raw hardcore from southern California with vocals that teeter between whining and snarling. Their discography consists of a 2012 demo…


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