• The Best. July, 2008

    22 jui. 2008, 19h34m par xBrooklynx

  • 2007: A Look Ahead...

    14 fév. 2007, 18h48m par rRed_Drop

    Well, so its a new year, which, as always, brings new expectations. A look forward into what, hopefully, will be a better year for the music industry as a whole, but probobly will just become a mess of the same sounding stuff.

    Whats good to look forward too? Well, thats what I'll be divulging to you today. If anyone reads this of course:

    Embassy - The War of Art, Feb 23rd.

    Embassy is a modern rock band from Columbus, OH. I put them first because I just recieved this cd, and I can honestly say its one of the best I've ever heard. Great songwriting, vocals have good harmony. Overall, 10/10. You should hear the whole thing, but some songs to consider: The Mourning After, Over, Into The Sun, and Orbit.


    Down and Above - Untitled 2007 LP, TBD.

    Down and Above, if you didn't know, is my favorite band on the planet. If you've never heard this band before, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check them out: Down and Above's Myspace. …
  • School for Heroes

    21 nov. 2005, 22h53m par Rex_Michaelus

    It was just the other day that I finally cracked the plastic on the School For Heroes stuff I got at Swift's last show. The first one was an old 4-song demo CD that they had found a great big box of recently, and decided to bring them to the merch table as a curiosity. The other one was their first full album (they have a new one now, but I didn't have enough cash on me at the time to pick it up), called Arrivals/Departures. The recording quality of the demo CD definitely marked it as an unprofessional undertaking, but it was still pretty good. Hearing the songs recorded more fully and cleanly on the album, proper, was a happy experience.

    A sticker on Arrivals/Departures suggested that it would be a good listen for fans of The Deftones, Finch, Helmet, and Snapcase (can't remember that last one exactly; I threw the sticker away). I think that all of those are pretty fair comparisons, so if you have any interest in any of those guys, I would wholeheartedly recommend looking into School For Heroes. …
  • Times Change

    31 oct. 2005, 14h42m par Rex_Michaelus

    So this past weekend I went down to Ziggy's in Greensboro with my brother to see Swift's last show for a while. The band is being put on hiatus while some of the members move to New York to work on another project called The Lemming Award. It was a truly amazing show, with about 6 or 7 bands playing total. Swift played about a 20 song set as the headliners, and it definitely seemed as if they were always giving the crowd exactly what they wanted.

    Oh, on a side note: if you're ever in North Carolina (because I suppose there are other bands with this name who might be better), avoid Scapegoat at all costs. I am not even exaggerating when I say that, while standing front-and-center in the pit, my mind started to wander and I actually forgot there was a stage full of guys singing, playing, and jumping around in front of me. I can't remember what I was thinking about when I drifted off into space, but it had to have been more interesting than them.