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  1. Myrkwid is a one man project of black metal based out of Germany.Lyrical theme(s)
    Satan, Nature, Darkness, Death Current line-up :
    Malthökk - All…

  2. Kermania is a pagan black metal band from Übach-Palenberg, Germany founded in 2001. The band released from 2002 up to 2005 five demos and then…

  3. A band from Germany (Thale).


    Der Tag Vergeht... Demo, 1997

    Gestrandet in Nastrand EP, 2000

    Nordal Full-length, 2001


  4. German black metal outfit featuring members of Funeral Procession. Inarborat's first demo Wisdom Sans Words was released in fall 2007.


  5. 1.) Magog was a ,lyrically focusing on paganism, war and anti-christian beliefs, black metal band formed 1997 in Pirna, Saxony, Germany. After they…

  6. Orlog is a Black Metal band from Saxony, Germany formed in 2000.
    - Erfüllung (Demo, 2002)
    - Zeitenwende (EP, 2003)
    - Reinigende…

  7. Forgotten Darkness is a black metal band from Velbert, Germany found in 1999.
    - Traces (Demo, 1999)
    - Krieg des Winterleids (EP,…

  8. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2005 - Inferno
    - 2005 - Von Blutes Stimme gereinigt / Sturm in die Anderswelt (split with Krater)

  9. Barad Dûr is the name of the Dark Lord Sauron's tower in Mordor in J.R.R.Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

    There are multiple bands under the name of…

  10. Genre: Raw Black Metal

    Origin: Germany

    Last label: Blutehre Records

    Last known line-up:
    Lestahn (Deathgate Arkanum, Nightsky Landscapes, Obsidian…

  11. They are at least 3 bands with the name Graven:

    1-Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2000 - Of misanthropic Spirit (demo)
    - 2001 -…

  12. Die Saat is a viking black metal band from Thuringia, Germany. The main member Sturm, is also involved in FJOERGYN.
    Eosperaz and Tormentor joined…

  13. Epic German black metal. Similar to Ulver's Bergtatt material in their use of acoustics, clean vocals and harsh black metal passages.

  14. There are at least two bands called Infaust.

    1) An industrial metal band from Hannover, Germany.

    2) A black metal band from Thuringia, Germany.

  15. Dunkelgrafen is a German Melodic Black Metal band founded in 1995 by Dunkelgraf and Lord Asgaqlun. After finding a drummer (Gabriel) they started…

  16. Thyrgrim was found in december 2004 by Kain (vocals & guitar)
    In january 2005 Azgal (guitar) und Sturmgeist (drums)koined the band.
    With this…

  17. Deathgate Arkanum is a one man black metal project hailing from Germany. Lestahn is the only member and started this project in 1998. One year…

  18. Black Metal from Germany . Status : Active

    Also starb Zarathustra - Demo, 2003
    Die Saga - Demo, 2004
    Der Pfad Zum Fluss -…

  19. Tavaron are a Black Metal band from Germany.


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