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About SCHACHT (Shaft)


Shaft excavations began in the fall of 2002. Miners Sascha Kuwatsch, Stefan Lang and Christopher Lang were driving tunnel after tunnel into the bedrock. After months of plank-drilling efforts, songs resulted that all share one thing: they fathom the abyss and trace one’s experiences in the loneliness of lightless depths. Down there, the shaft one has hammered into the mountains becomes a muffled reverberation in one’s soul.
Supported by cold electronic tones a driving, heavy, machine-like sound developed which, echoing one’s confusing experiences in the depths, unites countless elements. SCHACHT is melting Metal, Industrial, and Dark Wave into some nightmarish alloy, expressing despair as well as furious rebellion against the almighty mountain.
This black nerve-music’s vibrating energy is what drives SCHACHT on stage, and what lets them connect to their audience. Electronic computer sounds, Sascha Kuwatsch’s vocals reaching from faint whispers to powerful growls, brute riffs by guitarist Stefan Lang, and sometimes driving, at other times slow beats by Christopher Lang are ramming SCHACHT’s thought-steel right into the heads of their listeners. In the studio and on stage, bass player Markus Lang is assisting the three miners.
During their numerous gigs, among others at Substage in Karlsruhe, at Café Central in Mannheim, and at the Wave Goth Meeting 2005 in Leipzig, the powerful presence of the miners was leading their audience deep down into the shaft.

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