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  • Avatar for rozetka95
    It's almost over and here we are.
  • Avatar for BreedEvil
  • Avatar for ChewyyChew
    Beautifull song, never want to miss it again.. <3
  • Avatar for MagdaGothic666
    Masterpiece, very moving... Love it <3
  • Avatar for Gerarru
    i love this
  • Avatar for Wuselwaldfreund
    saddest song EVER :C
  • Avatar for roxanne_roxanne
    amazing :) so sadd ah :(
  • Avatar for KTi3
    so sad :'( but still beautifully amazing.....
  • Avatar for If_I_Fall_DOWN
    This song is so beautiful... I still can't believe they broke up, they were amazing.
  • Avatar for xXOtakuChanXx
    I'm gonna miss Scary Kids Scaring Kids!!!! TT.TT
  • Avatar for ARALCjor
    beautiful piano; beautiful voice; (2) You can't replace me, you can't.
  • Avatar for Rozann15
    is VERY pretty.
  • Avatar for Puschke
    beautiful and sad..
  • Avatar for TrueFineLove
    damn, i love this song ! the text is.. wow *-*
  • Avatar for JustKali
    i love this.
  • Avatar for iMustMakeMusic
    watch me bleed
  • Avatar for leospi
    beautiful piano; beautiful voice;
  • Avatar for iEmoPandaRawrsU
    Amazing <3
  • Avatar for ThisMakesSense i love comments
  • Avatar for AshaatoLast
    Pretty song!
  • Avatar for rawrxrawrxrawr
    how much do i love this? aaah amazing ♥
  • Avatar for UKilldKenny_OMG
    Amazing song. It's beautiful. ♥ =}
  • Avatar for BlackRainbowx3
    This makes me wanna slit my wrists and wash the blade off with my tears. );
  • Avatar for BlackStairway
    Made me cry.. Beautiful....
  • Avatar for Kaylaa2
    Amazing ♥ I love this song.
  • Avatar for beccahasmusic
    BAWWWWWWWWWW. excuse me while i slit my wrists to this obviously deep music.
  • Avatar for aleksei_shane
  • Avatar for XEscapemyfearzX
    Amazing song...
  • Avatar for imfrances
    My favorite song by this band, and one of my favorites of all time<3
  • Avatar for vampirespiders
  • Avatar for Tessing
    this is possibally, one of the greatest songs written. n__n [3]
  • Avatar for TillDibill
    the best song that I have ever heard love <3
  • Avatar for zineb90
    So beautiful so is his voice.
  • Avatar for Nazz99
  • Avatar for omgfennella
    this is possibally, one of the greatest songs written. n__n
  • Avatar for mruuuga
    sad ^,^
  • Avatar for mikalik93
    ewwies they are naked DX I like the song but that was grossarooo!
  • Avatar for head_injuries
    this is my new favorite song. and i don't even like this band.
  • Avatar for EmoBella32
    Such meaningful's beautiful
  • Avatar for CovinS
    a little overdramatic, but solid track
  • Avatar for imfrances
    For one that could be considered a 'mainstream' song, this is really beatiful. It fits extremely well how I feel, a lot of the time. Probably one of my favourites.
  • Avatar for Zetsuboy
    *-* perfect song
  • Avatar for IcutmyselfXXX
    I agree with you xduckie113x while i cut myself i listen to this song XXX
  • Avatar for xduckie113x
    i love this song. it is one of the best songs i have heard. a great sad song. :] <33 i cry every time i hear this song
  • Avatar for hernameisflame
    This is one of the most beautiful and saddest songs I ever heard... It fits with my temper when I cry and feel lost... It's brilliant and so up to the life that brings a lot of harm to many emotional people...
  • Avatar for _lapislazuli_
    this is the saddest song ever! [2]
  • Avatar for CrustyTheClown
  • Avatar for livin_crazy
    if i was a fag this song would make me cry
  • Avatar for NiicoRiicow
    The best
  • Avatar for maxirenovierer
    haben haben haben


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