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  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Unsung masterpiece if ever there was one. Can't disagree with those who say "pure perfection" - I've yet to find a moment of music in here that I don't think kicks serious ass.
  • Avatar for sadwhore
    This album is pure perfection. i can't stop listening to it! [3]
  • Avatar for Negadynamo
    This album is pure perfection. i can't stop listening to it! [2]
  • Avatar for mark4all
    Chemicals is awesome as fuck!
  • Avatar for djingsken
    EPIC [6] I love this album!
  • Avatar for ppgirls
    S.O.A.D. ɓɛʗαɱɛ S.O.B. ɓɛʗαʋʂɛ òf B.Y.O.B. mb.
  • Avatar for 6Sha1dow6
    EPIC [5] I love this album!
  • Avatar for lloQQoll
    i... want... MORE!!!
  • Avatar for tankist1121
    EPIC [4] I love this album !
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    This album is pure perfection. i can't stop listening to it!
  • Avatar for delmix1
    EPIC [3] I love this album !
  • Avatar for alfie_1991
    Look guys, this album is great, I actually prefer it to Serj's solo efforts, lyrically it is pretty simple though, maybe that's a good thing though... you know to sing/headbang along to.
  • Avatar for Aru10
  • Avatar for borgy
    so underrated. i just read courtesy of wikipedia this album only sold 83,000 copies in the US. Ouch. Such a shame, this album is easily as good as a SOAD album, sure the lyrics might be more straightforward but it sounds fantastic, inspired and full of life. I've gotta admit i enjoy this more then Serj's solo output.
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    "Very catchy album, I sing along with every song" Maybe that's just what it's all about here. Lyrically immature as fuck, but if it's this catchy, great.
  • Avatar for graxgonecrazy
    fuckin perfect
  • Avatar for Junior_Lins
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    Made of awesome
  • Avatar for AlPaul-x
    master piece
  • Avatar for dark121
    EPIC [2] I love this album !
  • Avatar for ElectricGood
  • Avatar for Quatre12
    Great! [2]
  • Avatar for Daxxe
  • Avatar for The_Caco-Daemon
    this album fucking blows.
  • Avatar for ElectricGood
  • Avatar for Remingtton
  • Avatar for DarthDave
  • Avatar for Tiko310
  • Avatar for ApriilVanity
    So great :D
  • Avatar for Shtraff
    amazing album *-*
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
  • Avatar for QueenJennaBear
    I love daron and John!!!
  • Avatar for tordval
    I LOVE this album:D i bout about 2 years ago and i aint bored of it YET:D:D
  • Avatar for martini_pl
    Good album. Some songs are pretty amazing(Enemy) but not all of them. IMO the lyrics are crappy + it should sound more raw. It's worth listening, though nowhere near as good as SOAD.
  • Avatar for sashenkaa
  • Avatar for Illumynatuz
    gets old rather quickly
  • Avatar for Almdudlerlein
    Like them
  • Avatar for JPsartre
    great songs
  • Avatar for SteffenN1991
    I had the honor to see them live.
  • Avatar for Neldain
    Shame! Shame that they dont have any more succes XD
  • Avatar for zielarka6
    great band
  • Avatar for xTriviumMexicox
    I'm liking it :O
  • Avatar for fazifazi
    Rocks, don't be serious !!
  • Avatar for Masterschelm
    fucking good!!!!
  • Avatar for Poepsnoet
    I was quite pleasantly surprised by this album! Actually liked it a lot better than Serj's Elect the Dead... this sounds way more like System imo
  • Avatar for Unexpired
    rock on!
  • Avatar for bRain-San
    the songs are similar to the mezmerize/hypnotize style
  • Avatar for michimix666
    nice songs, but as people mentioned before: kinda forgettable. it sorta reminds me of what happened back in the days when chris cornell of soundgarden met the rage against the machine guys to perform as audioslave. they also had a solid first album and went on to make the same thing again and again and couldnt reach the perfect stuff of their previous bands. i dont think i can listen to this album too many times, it gets quite boring and i miss a lot of stuff in this, no edges. it also seems to me they put their most impressive song on the end of this album. its gonna be a big hit, no doubt at all, but i dont know if this is it. would give it a 3 out of 5.
  • Avatar for muhmood
    looks like some one who manages this page deleted my comment - well that is a pity cause i wasted my time on giving my thoughts some form and trying to be objectively serious but after all who cares what you think guys? just keep buying shit that fading stars keep spurting till they are gone beyond the horizon like some whitesnake or chris norman who are touring third world countries cuase no one want them where they used to be stars. Hope this won't happen to SOAD and its solo projects
  • Avatar for SequoiaThrone
    i started to complain about people commenting on that theyre 'forgettable' but i suppose it is a good point. a few songs do stand out more than others though...a good album all in all though.


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