• Saves the Day 10/18/07

    19 Oct 2007, 06:00 by Alhutch

    Saves the Day 10/18/07

    at the ICC in Allston
    acoustic set list (incomplete, not in order):

    This is not an exit
    What went wrong
    Wednesday the Third
    Jessie & My Whetstone
    You Vandal
    See You
    Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
    Holly Hox, forget me nots
    Three Miles Down
    The Last Lie I told
    Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven
    Take Our Cars Now!
    and a few from the new album and a few others that i forget

    needless to say, it kicked ass! except for people who kept yelling requests after Chris already said they would be doing requests for the second half of the set, but he made fun of those people which was entertaining. Everybody knew the words to every song, and they blew it out on some of the old songs. Great show overall.
    The first opening band, Single File was good, the second one Dr. Manhattan was very loud. I'm going to see Saves the Day live every chance I get for as long as they keep playing. long live Saves the Day!
  • saves the day

    30 Mar 2006, 20:49 by onomatopoeias


    Through Being Cool was my favorite album, ever, by anyone, for a long long time.

    however, Stay What You Are has been on heavy rotation. At Your Funeral is the only song that can get me out of bed lately.

    some creepy kid sent me ups and downs, which has no last.fm link. it's fantastic.

    usually EPs bother me because they end too early, but i really really like I'm Sorry I'm Leaving, just because of Take Our Cars Now! and the modern english cover,I Melt With You. one of my favorite 80s songs.

    i used to not really like Can't Slow Down, but things change! i cant really think of any other adjectives, but it's nice and upbeat and i like to listen to it when i walk my dogs.

    no other band even comes close to Saves the Day. lovelovelove