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  • Avatar for Haplogyne
    Then continue to listen 2012 and before stuff, he has enough incredible tracks under Vinter in Hollywood to keep you busy! And I can assure you that he's still very good, listen to Savior, Forsaken and Origin (Remix), that's fuckin dope ! ;)
  • Avatar for Skibane
    sometimes i miss 2012 when i used to listen to this, he was really really good, now he's so meh. stopped listening eventually[2]
  • Avatar for DarthSaracen
    Хороша дичь
  • Avatar for SnapOutOflt
    sometimes i miss 2012 when i used to listen to this, he was really really good, now he's so meh. stopped listening eventually
  • Avatar for Turanusomitto
    FL, heh. Cool.
  • Avatar for blargsintheface
    much <3
  • Avatar for bopapocalypse
    here for the kerry leimer jams.
  • Avatar for Jezs00
    DUDE. dude.
  • Avatar for GriendClub
    Ёбанная тонна однообразнейших епи.Не дискография, а мечта копрофила.
  • Avatar for kaminekosan
    I feel like it's some social faux pas for anyone in the edm scene to play any of Savant's tracks in their set because not once have I heard one being dropped and it's kind of ridiculous because of Savant's skill level. I'm beginning to think there's some discrimination at play here
  • Avatar for Alone_Fox
    Upgrade is such a good track![2]
  • Avatar for lauryyn
    Pleasantly surprised with his new album, wow. Upgrade is such a good track!
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    I prefer Invasion to Protos and ZION.
  • Avatar for GhostFame
    @emrphy- Thanks man!
  • Avatar for emrphy
    ~ Invasion out on Bandcamp today for free ~
  • Avatar for bkis_m
    ZION must be screened as a mystic movie adaptation following the sequence of the tracklist...
  • Avatar for emrphy
    I'm waiting for the official release before I listen to anything from Invasion :/
  • Avatar for Garrus2
    I didn't like Protos, but new albumu is freakin' awesome. ZION is messing with my brain and I like it! :D
  • Avatar for VALIDSIGN
    I really like how he experimented with speedcore in Desperado. He should definitely produce more of the faster electronic styles in the future.
  • Avatar for Steeeveee
    Liked Protos direction more than ZION though.. ah well, Invasion is sounding fine so far.
  • Avatar for VALIDSIGN
    Arrival is definitely the best track from Zion. Amazing album.
  • Avatar for WaddleDoo777
    I must admit that I wasn't a fan of Protos, but Zion is PERFECT!! :D
  • Avatar for emrphy
    Princess of Zion and Mecca are my jams
  • Avatar for emrphy
    OK... so Zion is probably my new favorite album. It's so good.
  • Avatar for Seikenshin
    Savant is so incomprehensibly underrated it's ridiculous. Why doesn't he have wider exposure?!
  • Avatar for FuckingJens666
    Savant is just too good holy shit! ♥
  • Avatar for Icek136
    Another great release. Full artistic cohesion, really uplifting, remarkable tracks. Definitely gets my seal of approval! :3
  • Avatar for DeadIEnd
    After listening to the whole album, I must say it's one of the most playful Savant albums ever. The theme really works well, and damn, I had a good sleep with 2 tracks on repeat, and that effect to be woken up to his wonderful playful middle eastern music is so pleasant that 3 hours are enough to sleep for me for now.
  • Avatar for DeadIEnd
    Desert Eagle is the best uplifting spirit track I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for Losiqueee
    После vario выпускает одно конвейерное говнецо
  • Avatar for Quizzman
    Zion is mad
  • Avatar for Tristeur
    Zion already leaked and This is Awesome.
  • Avatar for HopeFailsLM
    get hype
  • Avatar for killAllik
    "ZIon" will be LEGENDARY
  • Avatar for DeadIEnd
    Come into my Spaceship, party every day, you party every day, In my Spaceship far away
  • Avatar for Alone_Fox
    Все так расхваливают Протос, а вот мне не понравился альбом. Даже до середины не смогла дослушать.
  • Avatar for Kernstein
  • Avatar for Tristeur
  • Avatar for Mindcircus
    It's a shame that even though so much of his music has really great parts, the same song often ends up turning into repetitive shit/random noises.
  • Avatar for Bldmassacre
    Oh my! Protos is a very nice work, love all songs. Its Great!
  • Avatar for Skrotniss1
    I love Protos! I love how he constantly manages to fuse every possible genre. He is really intuitive. Protos is the best release as a whole since Vario.
  • Avatar for JstKeepBreathng
    I like Protos, it's different but all his albums are different and good in their own way. It's a little bit long to listen to in one go tho.
  • Avatar for Icek136
    It seems that we might actually need to murder someone, people. Tags are still crappy. Is there even any chance that it will fix itself? We might need to contact someone from the staff about this issue...
  • Avatar for ovol1ty
    just here for the comments.. *popcorn* protos 5/5 tho
  • Avatar for FirestarterMKD
    Sword of Destiny sounds like a Dream Theater song, it's awesome.
  • Avatar for KyonoRocks
    Protos is so freakin good
  • Avatar for Hanzka69
    I've listened all Savant's albums and all the tracks he's got in the Soundcloud plus more other stuff from other sites, and I feel very fortunate that I've found this super talented guy. I've never seen or heard anything like Savant before. He is just amazing. Even if I don't like some of his tracks they still make me respect him even more, because they show me how good Savant really is with different styles and genres. It's kinda sad that some people only want to hear some "sick drops" when this guy could make his own god damn symphony!
  • Avatar for zsomborfekete
    ˇ What the lady below me said. Protos is effin genious with all its differing sound. I can't stop listening to it, I can't stop loving this man for how he expresses himself on the max. With Protos, it's not an overstatement to say that I feel that through the album I connected to something deeply valuable: a man's dream. This is what we are all trying to do and this is what this man is so great at - to explore the vast worlds that are hidden in our hearts. And sometimes these worlds happen to sound so frickin adorable! If you really pay attention you can notice how he's changing his styles a bit in every album. Also, he started introducing more 'carefree' tunes (as in not brutally mindraping ADHD) a long time ago, back with Cult if I remember correct. So I don't even get why people were that surprised that he dedicated a full album for his attempts to sound more 'mellow'. Personally I wouldn't even mind if he did gangsta rap... or even vaporwave... wait that would be awesome!
  • Avatar for kaanns
    Also, mad props to him for his new album. I guess a lot of people won't like this different sound, but he changed up what he normally does to release something he really put all his heart into. I still think it sounds awesome.
  • Avatar for kaanns
    I want to smother the person responsible for all these "wAvY" tags. I hope this gets fixed when Protos actually shows up as a released album. Otherwise I may just kill a man. [4]


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