• “Those Majestic City Lights” or…

    14 Jun 2008, 02:55 by eyeofsaulot

    Music Suitable to be the Soundtrack to a Downtown Area

    With all of these “greatest *insert genre here*” lists being posted all over Last.fm, I thought I might try something a little different; something that would get people thinking about broadening their horizons, while still allowing them to hear the same kind of music they enjoy listening to, in terms of mood and tone.

    These are all very atmospheric albums that convey to their listeners the imagery of a city – more particularly, the downtown area of a dirty city after dusk – whether the lyrics actually reflect that imagery or not. These albums will instill a sense of darkness, pity, and paranoia amongst a multitude of other rather uncomfortable feelings but despite the unpleasant feelings, you’ll find yourself answering the beckon call of those majestic city lights off in the distance…

    You peer into the windows of 24-hour coffee shops full of hip, artsy college kids reading poetry, convincing themselves that they know the meaning of life. …
  • Annoying survey, part two.

    1 Dec 2007, 01:46 by Kimsomnia

    Some exceptionally interesting info on my top 15 artists overall:

    Depeche Mode
    First song I heard: Just Can't Get Enough
    Song that made me love them: In Your Room
    Current favorite song: Here Is The House
    Overall favorite song: In Your Room
    Least favorite song: Boys Say Go

    Nine Inch Nails
    First song I heard: Pinion
    Song that made me love them: Last
    Current favorite song: Ruiner
    Overall favorite song: And All That Could Have Been
    Least favorite song: Starfuckers, Inc.

    Faith No More
    First song I heard: Epic
    Song that made me love them: Midlife Crisis
    Current favorite song: Stripsearch
    Overall favorite song: Everything's Ruined
    Least favorite song: Cuckoo for Caca

    First song I heard: Pure Morning
    Song that made me love them: Pure Morning
    Current favorite song: Special Needs
    Overall favorite song: Taste in Men
    Least favorite song: Twenty Years

    Massive Attack
    First song I heard: Unfinished Sympathy
    Song that made me love them: Angel
    Current favorite song: Group Four