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  • Now, Diabolic is the best album? o_O, Nemesis Divina has gotta take that title, It's a shame they created Now, Diabolical, since it's made many peolpe lose respect for them D:
  • It doesn't matter if Volcano & Now, Diabolical are really black metal … the point is, that they are the best albums (together with Dark medieval times) … and so i tag them black metal, because they were and for me they are still^^), doesn'Ät matter what they do :) …………… but when they make hiphop then we can talk again about that^^
  • Nemesis divina is a good black metal album, but Now , Diabolical is the best, awsome album
  • Ok I also love Nemesis Divina (Mother North rules), DTM and The Shadowthrone but in my opinion they reached a totally new level with Volcano, although it is no typical Black Metal
  • Nemesis Divina is a great album, even better than The Shadowthrone and Dark Medieval Times, imo.
  • Volcano rules !!! Their best work
  • Hellbent and raw. Armed to the core.
  • That's quite a skip!
  • Воистину :)
  • Mother North!
  • I'm so hungry for some junk right now. some satyricola and few demon burgers should do the trick.
  • the pentagram burns.
  • somebody should rewrite text about band. its completely retarded atm @ash - yeah like switching from ferrari to bicycle
  • Guh.. Frost is completely Wasted on Now, Diabolical.
  • what all speak in english?
  • Prime Evil Renaissance rocks!!!
  • lordzouk: Because a lot of people like it, and so it's played more. It's really simple.
  • MBM.
  • why is king so high? that song is just incredible stupid
  • It's a sad week when Mother North isn't on top.
  • Ktnc. Whgy dinz.
  • The joke is on you. New stuff rocks (literally) old stuff kills. How can you not appreciate 'To The Mountains'. They're not as much a joke as bands who did stay the same such as Dark Funeral
  • chida banda ciao
  • Check out our Black Metal Corner
  • listen to Ravencult or Sonic Reign. new style of Satyricon is a joke.
  • This band has become a parody.
  • I wouldn't try and read to much into Satyricon's name. The Satyricon was a Roman text written by Titus (Gaius) Petronius, the arbiter elegantiae (arbiter of elegeance) in Nero's court. It is an elaborate satire based on morality against greed, rapacity, and frustrating passions. A Satyric drama was a type of play, in which the Chorus consisted of satyrs, in Greece. But there is no relation betw
  • they are soft =O
  • I think I'm starting to like Wongraven more than Satyricon...
  • @TheTrueOlethros: you're right, although the ancient satyr plays and stories probably influenced the later Roman satire.
  • i got erection is underrated, that song blows
  • @Luuttuaja: You're wrong, satire comes from the latin word satura, not the greek word satyr.
  • King is nothing but a refrain with clean guitars. They learned how to sell their sound. And, yes, they became enjoyable for pop fans. But I prefer old Satyricon.
  • to those haters of the new sound, tag K.I.N.G. 'i am a party girl here is my soundtrack'
  • I'm not laughing.. Just having fun with (similar) words.. And they don't try to make music - they do it, and do it great. I love 'em =))
  • Birrrt, LOL! Russians understood it! ;P migi98, we're not crazy, we're just making new words as all others did here.. =)) P.S.: Satyricon is great band.. I adore them.. I'd like to see them live..
  • crazy russians... satyricon <3
  • Sartiricon in translation from russian - Tooicon or Toileticon
  • Satirecon isn't very funny since since the word satire has indeed its etymological roots in satyr plays.
  • Satyricon's pop metal is great.
  • Mother North = pop metal. True Satyricon = The Shadowthrone.
  • Don't like this band that much, but Now, Diabolical is pretty sweet song.
  • Mother North! United we stand, together we walk!
  • F#ck musical genres, I just enjoy the music.
  • Anyone has a bigger version of that picture up there? Nemesis Divina obviously, looks good!
  • hail DMT + Shadowthrone!
  • Hooow ... Those little stupid purists are soooo dispaointed by the new album ... It makes me laughing out loud !!
  • e/ ous
  • too fame


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