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Saturna was formed in November 2010 in Spain (Barcelona), ​​as a project to develop some ideas of Rod (bass player). Experience and musicianship of the current formation has been demonstrated in different bands for the last 10 years during many concerts and recording sessions. The debut album "The Kingdom of Spirit" (2012) is a compilation of songs of the early years and has been enriched by the many influences of the band members, which is the strong point of Saturna's classic rock with psychedelic stoner influences.
Band members:
-Rod: Bass
-Henry: Guitar 1
-Aureli: Guitar 2
-Patrick: Voice

Saturna is also a band from the NW. The play spacey indie rock that has been described as in the vein of Spiritualized, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine. Check out Saturna's blog here http://saturna.wordpress.com

Saturna is a one man progressive metal/djent project hailing from South Carolina with the sole purpose of writing music that people can relate too. Josh Kurtz, the multi-instrumentalist behind Saturna writes, records, and produces everything you hear from Saturna with the help of some very talented friends.


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