• Finds of the year 2005

    28 Dec 2005, 00:29 by DiamondDave

    Right, rather than do a Top X albums or songs of the year, I'm going to fudge things a bit and go for artists that I'm glad to have discovered over the past year or so, allowing me to be that little bit different to everyone else and other luxuries and licenses :)

    Firstly Rise to Addiction, this band forced their way in on the basis of their 3 track ep released at the end of 2004. Featuring former B L A Z E members Steve Wray, John Slater and Rob Naylor, the band have a heavier, sludgier sound and although less appealing to the true metal crowd than their former band, to someone who appreciates a bit of desert rock in the mix, it comes over really well. That my two most listened to tracks are by RtA says a lot about how much I enjoyed their ep.

    Texas Terri (Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones/Texas Terri Bomb!) makes it onto the list due to a blistering live performance on a night in May. Combining garage rock, classic punk, rock n roll and even a little bit of glam in the mix. …