• Sasha - Baja (Commentary and Perspective)

    9 Oct 2006, 20:24 by thelasttrojan

    Silence is a voice heard somewhere, interpreted by someone.

    Ethereal quiddity. Mephisto reminisces exile whilst opera extemporises. Death sneezes. Infinity cycles yet again. Karma smirks.

    There are no coincidences.

    Xpander EP

  • Favorite new tracks

    23 Aug 2006, 04:49 by aquastructure

    So I've discovered some pretty awesome tracks recently, and have been listening to them quite a bit. One of these is Suffering Island (Original Mix), which may end up becoming one of my favorites. I've also been enjoying other remixes by David West, including New Day (David West Mix).

    I've also been listening to the album Xpander EP, specifically the tracks Rabbitweed and Baja. Both are excellent cuts of deep progressive trance that I find myself getting lost in. Yeah, Sasha is awesome.

    Another great track is The Flute, more specifically the Airbase and Mike Shiver remixes. Avanto are the same guys behind Alt+F4, which was all the rage a little while back.

    That's where it stands right now. Be sure to check these songs out if you're into trance.
  • Review: Various - Avalon Los Angeles CA 24/06/06 (mixed by Sasha)

    28 Jul 2006, 20:39 by Lionhead

    (Noote: The original CD has tracklisting errors. The third track on CD1 is Lauschgoldengel, and the final track on CD2 is Gebrünn Gebrünn. (+ is the "and"-symbol on

    Finally, Sasha has released his (yearly?) compilation CD. Recorded June 24th in the famous club Avalon in Los Angeles, it is an example of the sound that represents Sasha in 2006. Forward-thinking as he always is, this CD is the result of a brand new concept called "Instant Live", in which the CD is recorded live and then burned on CDs instantly after the actual gig, so that the audience can bring the recording home with them. Only 10 000 copies were made!
    While being an ingenious concept (especially for those who attended), it has its flaws. The equalizer levels as well as the volume levels are in some places totally wrong, and in the first song on CD2 the music stops (!), then starts again in a lower speed and key. On with my review:

    Ignore the first and the third track, they aren't really that exciting. …