• Some Verses I like (incomplete)

    25 Apr 2010, 08:14 by jensyao

    there's a lot of songs and artists I named here...I suggest you use Ctrl-f Still editing...I often realize verses I like, if the track is spit by 1 artist, comes from songs that only take 2 verses...i mean, that's all it takes if they're solid-solid tracks

    I would put more jay-z lyrics up here, but the truth is, after "in my lifetime vol 3," he started biting off nelly (99 problems), big l (kingdom come), biggie (too many), nas (2-3 songs), eminem (success)..everyone who was successful...listen to swagger jacker if you haven't already

    I'm Comin Through Y'all, With The Glock Buckin
    ya Whole Block Duckin
    every Bitch That I'm Fuckin
    With Now Is Cock Suckin
    it's Like I'm Allergic To Not Fuckin
    ya Niggaz Is Faggots Like Rock Hudson
    And Boy George, i Destroy Broads With One Verse
    nigga We Could Knuckle Up Or We Could Let The Guns Burst
    L Is The Type, To Murder Your Son First
    To Get My Point Across
    since Y'all Wanna Chit Or Chat With The Powers
  • Wez G - Park It In The Club With No Name - DJ Set Tracklisting

    26 Feb 2008, 17:04 by wezg

    Wez G - Shuffle Classics Vol 1 - Park it in the club with no name

    Well - thanks for all tuning into the s. In the three weeks they've been active here there's been over 500 s and people from all over the world are getting shuffled up to the sounds of . I thank you all for this. Please ensure you leave me shouts, comments, sign up as podcast fans & subscribe via ,

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    On April 12th at Mi Casa, The club with no name, , I'll be warming up for the legend that is Graeme Park. Graeme cut a career in at the pearly wheels in the Haçienda, , a nightclub at the cutting edge of the creation of the global movement that is. …