• My Top 50 Artists for 2008

    12 Feb 2009, 08:19 by menslar

    I'm past due on posting my list of my top 50 artists for 2008, but here they are, along with the top track for each artist and/or the top album, according to how the artist also fared on my top 500 tracks or top 500 albums charts for 2008. For tracks or albums mentioned, I also give the number of plays for each and where they placed on my top 500 tracks or top 500 albums charts for 2008.

    All data was taken from my 12 months charts on as they stood on December 31, 2008. There is a little fudging because the tags of some tracks were changed or fixed during the year. This scrobbling thing is not an exact science, as it depends on you having your tags all correct. Subscription or download services don't always have the same tags as each other, and sometimes you have to enter the tags yourself, which is prone to error.

    It was quite a mix for 2008. I found it interesting to compare my top artists list for 2008 with the list for 2007.

  • My Top 50 Artists for 2007

    2 Jan 2008, 06:24 by menslar

    I like keeping track of my top artists each year, and getting a somewhat accurate combined count of plays from different sources is the main reason I joined And, well, 2007 is over, so it's time for me to capture the top artists of 2007 in a chart for posterity's sake. Without further ado, here is my chart of top 50 artists for 2007, counting down from 50 to 1. The most played track in 2007 by each artist is also shown.

    #50: Morningwood - 133 plays
    Top Track: Take Off Your Clothes - 39 plays

    #48 (tie): JUDY AND MARY - 134 plays
    Top Track: Music Fighter - 65 plays

    #48 (tie): Stealers Wheel - 134 plays
    Top Track: Stuck in the Middle With You - 45 plays

    #47: Stevie Wonder - 135 plays
    Top Track: Higher Ground - 35 plays

    #46: Ashlee Simpson - 138 plays
    Top Track: La La - 40 plays

    #44 (tie): Gwen Stefani - 144 plays
    Top Track: Wind It Up - 26 plays

    #44 (tie): Paul McCartney - 144 plays
    Top Track: Live And Let Die - 18 plays