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    I get a kick out of Sarah. Awhile back I'd just bought one of her CDs and had it in my car. I gave one of my co-workers (of the female persuasion) a lift to work. I was about to jam the CD in, and my shotgun riding cohort nearly had a fit. Take a look at the shouts. They're mostly guys and "the others" seem to indicate, at best, a certain ambivalence. My wife also exhibits these similar "symptoms". I don'ts explains it, I just find it interesting in a clinical sort a' way, why this is so. What is it about Sarah's singing which attracts guys and seems to have the reverse effect to the other half of the species?
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    Oh, how I love this song!
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    "Kill the spider to save the butterfly...:" man, this amv gives me nostalgia. Beautiful piece
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    Soooo moving to my soul!
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    not MADONA! but ok
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    Moving! Love the Chants as background! Happy Birthday Sarah!
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    MUCH better than Hooverphonic's version.. and i love them.
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    Well maybe you guys prefer dull dry sounding shit without emotion which is exactly how the original sounds. So to each its own. but Sarah's version owns!!! the choir adds to it. [2]
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    Well maybe you guys prefer dull dry sounding shit without emotion which is exactly how the original sounds. So to each its own. but Sarah's version owns!!! the choir adds to it.
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    what a sound!!! love it! got to my feelings!
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    God, she made a total fucking soap-opera of it :d. Hooverphonic's original is much better.
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    Dude, she totally raped this song!
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    I know I cannot get enough of this song! over 114 plays. @jes2cool I actually looked up the Hooverphonic version on youtube and Sarah's is better.
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    I "think", to answer adelinadarkstar's question, it was on her Harem album. I'm at work and don't have the CD, but my adled thought processes seem to associate this song with here belly dance outfit. Which by the way, my wife turns a bit jaundiced if I gaze at the cover more than .00000001 second. I was just admiring the color and background motif. No impure thoughts, honest! Well, ok, maybe jeesssst a tiny unsoliticted abstract coveting twinge, but no more than that.
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    Can any one compare to her, ummm I don't think so
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    sarah could sing a cat food commercial and sound wonderful.
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    Su voz y su presencia cautiva
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    This song is her best, isn´t it?
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    there is an original version?!!! I didn't know it was a cover. i would like to hear it. Is Sarah's better?
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    this is the most soulful song I have ever heard.
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    Love this song..
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    Sara is the bomb
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    Love this! The original by Hooverphonic is pretty groovy, too. :D
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    wonderful. magical. beautiful.
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    I'll let you know how much I love this song after I come down from the clouds :)
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    ..Sarah hai una voce ..... .... ..... meravigliosa........................
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    Wonderful !!!!!!
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    This song moves me in words that I can't describe...... It is one of my top plays!!!!
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    beautiful !!!!
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    A primeira música da Sarah a gente N U N C A esquece. ♥
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    love her voice
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    Sarah Brightman makes me smile...
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    Saw her in concert last year. What an amazing presence!
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    Peaceful, restful, what an enjoyable sound!
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    Did you ever think of me, As your best friend?... amazing...
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    forever in my heart^_^
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    Verdadera magia
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    Kadife gibi yumuşak, ipek gibi zarif...
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    maravillosa!! sin comentarios
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    beautiful voice!!


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