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  • Wish I had more albums by this lady.
  • Sara Groves is now on music_man_76's Journal: [url=http://www.last.fm/group/FREE+DOWNLOADS+FROM+FEMALE+VOCALISTS+&+FEMALE+FRONTED+BANDS]FREE DOWNLOADS: FEMALE VOCALISTS/FEMALE FRONTED BANDS: R-S[/url]
  • "There is a Redeemer" - Just As IAm
  • incredible.
  • Her latest Album "Invisable Empires" reviewed: http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Music/Sara-Groves-Illuminates-the-Invisible-Empire.aspx
  • Articles on "Under the Radar": http://radarradio.net/blog/6-things-i-love-about-sara-groves/ http://radarradio.net/episodes/episode-157-special-guest-sara-groves/
  • YAY! New album pre-order w/ instant download! Listening now. :)
  • The most inspirational and unaffected female solo singer/song writer of my generation, I think. And yes, that's a compliment.
  • new picture: http://www.last.fm/music/Sara+Groves/+images/54881827
  • Sara is as amazing a person as she is a singer/songwriter. The Lord has truly blessed her as she has put her life out there in service to the Lord and to His people. On this fifth anniversary of Katrina we remember just how much she did for those who suffered in the Gulf.
  • Why does she not have a greatest hits album??????????
  • I am not particularly Christian, and I despise the Christian music industry... but Sara is kind of awesome. <3
  • Sara Groves is a great artist with a great producer, the amazing Charlie Peacock. Their greatest work together is yet to come. Can't wait for the follow-up to Fireflies and Songs!
  • I hope you know how much my Mom loves you music! She listens to "It's Going To Be Alright" about twenty-five times a day...whenever she is stressed I will put you music on and she will sigh and say thanks! Come to Maine!!!
  • aww, it makes me sad that none of her songs this past week are even breaking 100 plays. :( she is a very skilled artist, and deserves more scrobbles.
  • In the Girl There's a Room - now there´s a piece worth of listening. Good rhythm.
  • omg, different kinds of happy is wonderful!
  • Stalin WIll Come!
  • The new album "Sacred love" out now! Go to www.andreassandlund.com to check it out!
  • A good friend of mine let me know about her. My heart breaks when I listen to "You Cannot Lose My Love".
  • 'In the girl There's a Room' has amazing production, i love it!!!
  • When you hear Sara sing it feels like you have been allowed to sit in on her prayer time. She talks to God and puts it to music in a way that no one else does. Her style is unique and her words are truth. We are all blessed to have her as a Christian sister.
  • Sara is the best live artist I've ever heard. Just her... and a piano... is amazing. Her heart for God is so obvious.
  • I've heard 'the word' a thousand times, but it gives me tears every time I hear it. Just beautiful, authentic and transparent...
  • More people should make this kind of music.

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