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  • Playing in Baltimore Cub K this Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/260014050842390/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  • !Super!Amazing Band!
  • Autumn's Moon, new album from Sapremia coming out Fall 2012 through Butchered Records. Confirmed Shows are: 4/14 - Rock For Recovery, Lansdowne PA, 4/21 - Origin/Aborted/Cattle Decap/Decrepit Birth, Wilmington DE, 4/28 - Unsanctioned Evil, Philadelphia PA, 4/29 - NJDM Presents, Long Branch NJ, 5/12 - May Metal Massacre, Allentown PA, 6/1 - Horna/Kommandant, Allentown PA, 6/22 - Sevared Death Fest, Rochester NY, 6/23 - Pure Death Presents, Westville NJ, 8/15-8/25 - On Tour with Nightfire! Northeastern US and Canada...
  • 100 plays! \m/
  • Great band, With Winter Comes Despair is pummeling, pure Death Metal! \m/
  • Some very underrated old school death metal.
  • insane
  • Its slicker than owl shit!
  • Preorder Sapremia's "Live Despair" DVD today! Be one of the first 50 paid and get a SIGNED copy! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=1744527
  • With Winter Comes Despair is fucking awesome!!
  • With Winter Comes Despair will be available for free download August 15th-17th from opengraverecords.com
  • We have an eight day tour coming up and should have one or two more week+ tours coming up at the end of 08 or beginning of 09! With Winter Comes Despair is released on July 29th on Open Grave Records. Check out Zircon on Oak Knoll Productions. 8/23 - Cherrywood Rock Club. Clementon, NJ (Mortal Decay, Malicious Intent as well...) 8/24 - Baltimore, MD. Details coming soon! 8/25 - White Horse Pub. Virginia Beach, VA (Macerated, more TBA as well...) 8/26 - Volume 11 Tavern. Raleigh, NC (Bloodsoaked, There Will Be Blood, Morose Vitality as well..) 8/27 - Longbranch Saloon. Knoxville, TN (Openers TBA....) 8/28 - Northern Kentucky or Southern Ohio. Details coming soon! 8/29 - Pittsburgh, PA. Details coming soon! 8/30 - Sterling Hotel. Allentown, PA (Mortal Decay, Ebenezer, Kotetsu, Spartacus as well...)
  • great old-school death! that's what I extremely need to listen...
  • There are samples of the new album, "With Winter Comes Despair" that are available to play now from last.fm. Click on Top Albums (see all) and you will find the album.
  • Pretty good old school shit !!
  • Yes, check them out! Thanks Matty! Hoping to get to Milwaukee for sure, that is the one place we need to get to asap since there are a lot of people in that area that want us to play out there.
  • New tracks from With Winter Comes Despair up on myspace!! Check em out!! www.myspace.com/sapremia
  • Hope you guys get to Milwaukee this summer!
  • nice shit
  • i like the music, sounds real old school death metally awesome!
  • Cool band,cool sound,cool work. Now it would be desirable to familiarize with all creativity
  • For those that have not heard...not only are we in the middle of recording our debut full length With Winter Comes Despair for a March release, we will also be filming a live DVD on March 14th!!! Both will be out on Open Grave Records, make sure you purchase our EP Hollow before they are gone forever, limited pressing on that.
  • Do I smell a Special Double-Disc Edition brewing? That would be awesome.
  • Not a bad idea. I know someone that can do a decent shoot too....hmmm
  • Wow, a DVD! Now there is an idea. James get hoppin on this shit!
  • Join the Open Grave Records group: http://www.last.fm/group/Open+Grave+Records
  • Nice, the tunes have arrived! Remind me to recommend them to everyone I know.
  • Ha, fuckin songs are up! Nice work James.
  • Hoping to get songs up here so every one can hear this shit.
  • So BUY IT!
  • The Hollow EP is available here: http://www.opengraveshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&products_id=4385&zenid=8aa5c35cfc8ce7bce2005367d5ee3401
  • Opening for Dying Fetus in Allentown, PA on November 8th. If you are close by, support this sick show!
  • Great band. I still need to check out their new EP.
  • Sapremia fuckin' rules.

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